by Syarif Hidayat



Israel refuses to allow inspections or sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which safeguards the sale of nuclear material. Is it safe to allow Israel to disregard UN laws especially after the Sabra and Shatila Massacres in Lebanon where they murdered innocent Palestinian refugees with the exact number of victims is disputed, from 700–800 to 3,500 (depending on the source), the Gaza “Cast Lead” Massacre that killed around 1400 Pelstinians and the Gaza Flotilla Massacre where they murdered humanitarian peace activists and the United States turns a blind eye?


While Israel is one of the loudest voices calling for a tougher line on Iran’s nuclear programme, its own nuclear capability has never been put to inspection.


Israel has two nuclear research centres – at Dimona and Soreq. The latest estimates suggest that Israel has produced at least 118 warheads with weapons grade plutonium. The Jericho ballistic missiles are capable of carrying such weapons.



The Zionist state of Israel possesses the largest and most sophisticated arsenal outside of the five declared nuclear powers. Israel has never officially admitted to possessing nuclear weapons, but abundant information is available showing that the capability exists.


While Zionist infiltrated and controlled medias in the West are waging propaganda campaigns portraying a Muslim nuclear threat against the world, publishing factless and biased articles and programs on “dirty bombs”, and fantastic figures on alleged Iraqi and Iranian nuclear weaponry and missiles, the very same medias are downplaying – silencing – the real facts on the racist Zionist state of Israel, its weapons programs and the persistent nuclear threat that state poses against global peace.


Israel´s possessions of these weapons constitute a major threat. Contrary to the propaganda spread by Israel´s apologizers, these weapons are primarily not intended as a last resort weapon to save Israel in case of a catastrophic military outcome in a future clash with it´s enemies, but are weapons which already today are used as means of nuclear extortion – blackmail – against the rest of the world.


The Zionist leadership doesn´t have of any moral objections against using this type of weaponry if it would benefit the Zionist state in a strategic/military way. Just the same as the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. in WW II was not a last minute resort for the U.S. military in August 1945 but a weapon used by the already winning power to bring the Japanese people to complete submission, to comply to unconditional capitulation.


Killing of millions of the enemy isn´t something that worries the minds of Zionist leadership as their anti-humantarian ideology teaches them that they are “the chosen people”, the master race – an ideology where the rest of the world are “goyim”, expendable sub-humans, i.e. non-Jews – to which the Jewish bible prophecises complete destruction if they resist the Jewish God´s promise of complete Jewish domination.


As we will show Israel´s possession of doomsday nuclear arms are a well known fact among intelligence and nuclear research circles.

The fact that a majority of the public in the West are not aware of the Zionist nuclear threat indicates the present-day impact of Zionist media influence, and it´s success in keeping the general public blindfolded and misguided.


Israel‘s Arsenal of Mass Destruction



According to a careful research article by John Steinbach on Israel’s nuclear arsenal that was first published by Global Research in March 2003, today, estimates of the Israeli nuclear arsenal range from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of about 500. Whatever the number, there is little doubt that Israeli nukes are among the world’s most sophisticated, largely designed for “war fighting” in the Middle East.


A staple of the Israeli nuclear arsenal are “neutron bombs,” miniaturized thermonuclear bombs designed to maximize deadly gamma radiation while minimizing blast effects and long term radiation- in essence designed to kill people while leaving property intact. Weapons include ballistic missiles and bombers capable of reaching Moscow, cruise missiles, land mines (In the 1980s Israel planted nuclear land mines along the Golan Heights), and artillery shells with a range of 45 miles.


In June, 2000 an Israeli submarine launched a cruise missile which hit a target 950 miles away, making Israel only the third nation after the U.S. and Russia with that capability. Israel will deploy 3 of these virtually impregnable submarines, each carrying 4 cruise missiles. The bombs themselves range in size from “city busters” larger than the Hiroshima Bomb to tactical mini nukes. The Israeli arsenal of weapons of mass destruction clearly dwarfs the actual or potential arsenals of all other Middle Eastern states combined, and is vastly greater than any conceivable need for “deterrence.”


Israel also possesses a comprehensive arsenal of chemical and biological weapons. According to the Sunday Times, Israel has produced both chemical and biological weapons with a sophisticated delivery system, quoting a senior Israeli intelligence official, “There is hardly a single known or unknown form of chemical or biological weapon . . .which is not manufactured at the Nes Tziyona Biological Institute.”


The same report described F-16 fighter jets specially designed for chemical and biological payloads, with crews trained to load the weapons on a moments notice. In 1998, the Sunday Times reported that Israel, using research obtained from South Africa, was developing an “ethno bomb; “In developing their “ethno-bomb”, Israeli scientists are trying to exploit medical advances by identifying distinctive a gene carried by some Arabs, then create a genetically modified bacterium or virus…


The scientists are trying to engineer deadly micro-organisms that attack only those bearing the distinctive genes.” Dedi Zucker, a leftist Member of Knesset, the Israeli parliament, denounced the research saying, “Morally, based on our history, and our tradition and our experience, such a weapon is monstrous and should be denied.”


Israeli delivery systems


Israel can undoubtedly deploy nuclear weapons using its air force. The aircraft and crews dedicated to nuclear weapons delivery are located at the Tel Nof airbase. Originally the F-4 Phantom II acquired in 1969 was probably the designated carrier, today it would be the F-16. The F-16 has an unrefueled radius of action of 1250 km, extending out to western Iran, the shores of the Black Sea, Riyadh, or the Libyan border. With refueling it can travel much farther of course, and an unrefueled one-way mission could take it as far as Moscow.


Israel also possesses medium-range ballistic missiles: the Jericho-1 (Ya-1 “Luz”) with a 500 kg payload, and a range of 480-650 km (operational since 1973); and the Jericho 2 (either Ya-2 or Ya-3) with a 1000 kg payload and a range of over 1500 km (operational since 1990). Under development is the Jericho-2B with a range of 2,500 km.


These missiles were almost certainly developed specifically as nuclear delivery systems (although chemical warheads cannot be ruled out). About 50 Jericho-1s and 50 Jericho-2s are believed to have been deployed. Israel also has a 100 or more U.S. supplied Lance tactical missiles, with a range of 115 km (72 miles). Although these were supplied with conventional warheads, they could very well have been outfitted with nuclear or chemical ones.


Jericho 1

This is believed to be named Luz and designated YA-1 by Israel. It is based on the French missile MD-600 built by Dassault and was developed during the 1960s.



Length: 10 m

Width 1.0 m

Launch weight 4500 kg

Propulsion: Two stage solid propellant

Range: 500 km

Payload: 500 kg


Jericho 2

Jericho-2 development is indigenous, and started soon after the Jericho-1 was deployed. Test launches began in 1986 and the first two had ranges of 465 km (1986) and 820 km (1987). The Jericho-2 shares the first two stages of the civilian Shavit (Comet) space launch vehicle, which has launched Israel’s four satellites, the Offeq-1, 2, and 3 reconnaissance satellites, and the Amos communications satellite. Shavit space launch vehicle, Offeq-2 launch on 3 April 1990 (13 K)



Length: 12 m

Width 1.2 m

Launch weight 6500 kg

Propulsion: Two stage solid propellant

Range: 1500 km

Payload: 1000 kg


The Jericho 1 and 2 are deployed near Kfar Zachariah and Sderot Micha about 23 km east of Jerusalem (and about 40 km southeast of Tel Aviv). Located a few kilometers to the northwest is Tel Nof air base. Images of the missile complex made by commercial satellites have been published in recent years, and September 1997 Jane’s Intelligence Review published a 3-D analysis of high resolution pictures taken by the Indian IRS-C satellite.


The complex is compact – smaller than 6 km x 4 km. The missiles are mobile, being deployed on transporter-erector-launchers (TELs), and are based in bunkers tunneled into the side of the limestone hills. There are no signs of missile silos. TELs require firm, accurately leveled ground in order to launch, and maximum missile accuracy requires pre-surveyed launch points. Consequently there are a number of prepared launch pads (paved culs-de-sac) connected to these bunkers by paved roads. Images of an actual Jericho 2 TEL indicate that it is about 16 m long, 4 m wide, and 3 m high.


It is accompanied by three support vehicles (probably a power supply vehicle, a firing control vehicle, and a communications vehicle). The Zachariah missile base was enlarged between 1989 and 1993 during the Jericho-2 deployment. A few kilometers north of Tel Nof is the Be’er Yaakov factory where the Jericho missiles and the Shavit are believed to have been manufactured.


From its deployment location in central Israel the Jericho-1 missile can reach such targets as Damascus, Aleppo, and Cairo. The Jericho-2 can reach any part of Syria or Iraq, and as far as Teheran, and Benghazi, Libya. The Jericho-2B will be able to reach any part of Libya or Iran, and as far as southern Russia. The short range of the Lance limits it mainly to battlefield use, although the Syrian capital of Damascus is in range from much of northern Israel. According to Jane’s World Air Forces, Israel has three Jericho-equipped missile squadrons.

Also located at the site are a group of 21 bunkers thought to contain nuclear gravity bombs. Five of the larger ones are about 15 m wide and 20 m long, and rise 6 m above ground.


It is believed a Jericho Three missile is now being developed – that will be able to travel around 5,000 kilometres, bringing all of Iran and Europe into its range.


The Jewish state has already tested these missile´s capabilities.


In Israeli newspaper Ha´aretz (English Internet Edition), May 3, 2000, in the article “Israeli missile test too close for U.S. Navy cruiser’s comfort. Scientists think Israel has long-range ballistic arms”, Amnon Barzilai, Ha’aretz Defence Correspondent, reports:

The new version of the Jericho-2 missile reportedly includes most neighboring countries in its range, and its accuracy is considered to be very good. The U.S. National Security Agency has monitored the test program of the Jericho-2 and has recorded several test firings over the Mediterranean. According to the Federation of American Scientists, test firings of the missile at ranges in excess of 1300 kilometers have been conducted in South Africa.


According to the organization, the capability of Israel’s ballistic missiles has been estimated to be far greater. Based on calculations derived from the Shavit rockets carrying the Ofek satellites, Israel’s ballistic missiles are capable of carrying a nuclear payload across ranges in excess of 5,300 kilometers. But experts at the Pentagon estimate that an Israeli missile with a 7,200-kilometer range is possible. Another estimate was given in July 1990 by University of Maryland physicist Steve Peter, who calculated that the Shavit rocket has a range of 4,000 kilometers with a maximum payload of 775 kilograms. All these assessments place the whole of the Middle East within the range of Israel’s ballistic missiles.


Israel deploys nuclear arms in submarines


But Israel isn´t satisfied with only possessing a ballistic missile capability to deliver its weapons of mass destruction. The July 1, 1998, article in The Washington Times, “Israel buying 3 submarines to carry nuclear missiles”, by Martin Sieff, reports on the latest Zionist conquest in obtaining delivery systems for its nuclear arms:

The respected Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported June 8 that Israeli military planners want to mount nuclear-armed cruise missiles on the new submarines.

Maj. Gen. Avraham Botzer, former commander of the Israeli navy, told Israeli television in December 1990 that his country needed submarines not just to attack enemy warships but also as platforms for weapon systems to deter against an attack by weapons of mass destruction.



“The submarines must be [an instrument] of the state of Israel, not just the navy,” Gen. Botzer said. “Submarines all over the world serve as part of the deterrent system against nonconventional warfare. They are a way of guaranteeing that the enemy will not be tempted to strike pre-emptively with nonconventional weapons and get away scot-free.”

A recent Pentagon study said Israel has developed an air-launched cruise missile that should be operational by 2002. The missile, called the Popeye Turbo, will have a range of more than 200 miles, the U.S. report said. U.S. military analysts said the Popeye could easily be adapted for launch from a submarine.



Anthony Cordesman, co-director of the Middle East program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in a study published June 3 that the Popeye cruise missile was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Jane’s Intelligence Review reported Sept. 1 that photo reconnaissance indicated Israel had stored around 150 nuclear warheads and 50 Jericho II intermediate range missiles to carry them at Zachariah air force base southeast of Tel Aviv. Zachariah means in Hebrew, “God remembers with vengeance.”


The London-based Jane’s also estimated “that the Israeli arsenal may contain as many as 400 nuclear weapons with a total combined yield of 50 megatons.”

The Jericho is believed to have a 3,000-mile range and carry a payload of just under 1 ton, easily enough to accommodate even a hydrogen bomb.


The article “Fears Of New Arms Race As Israel Tests Cruise Missiles” by Uzi Mahnaimi and Peter Conradi London Sunday Times June 18, 2000, describes how Israel therafter has test-fired cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The tests, involving two German-built Dolphin-class submarines, took place off the coast of Sri Lanka. The Israeli-made missiles, which were equipped with conventional warheads, hit targets at sea at a range of about 930 miles.


The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace published a report early in June 2002, detailing the Israeli nuclear weapons program. That booklength report on global nuclear weapons proliferation, Deadly Arsenals – Tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction, included an entire chapter on Israel’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons program.

The Carnegie authors wrote, “Probably the most important nuclear-related development in Israel is the formation of its sea-based nuclear arm.


By July 2000 Israel completed taking delivery of all three of the Dolphin-class submarines it had ordered at the Thyssen-Nordseewerke shipyard in Kiel, Germany. In doing so, it is widely believed, Israel moved significantly toward acquiring a survivable second-strike nuclear capability. All indications are that Israel is on the way to finalizing a restructuring of its nuclear forces into a triad, like the United States.


“Since the early 1980s (and probably even earlier) the Israeli navy (jointly with other governmental agencies) lobbied hard for the notion that Israel should build a small fleet of modern diesel submarines for `strategic purposes,’ an Israeli euphemism for a sea-launched nuclear capability… It is also believed (but not confirmed) that the most sensitive aspect of the project, the cruise-missile technology that renders the diesel submarines nuclear-capable launching platforms, was developed and built in Israel… According to one report in the London Sunday Times (June 18, 2000), by early 2000 Israel had carried out the first launching tests of its cruise missiles.”

The Carnegie study concluded, “A fleet of three submarines is believed to be the minimum that Israel needs to have a deployment at sea of one nuclear-armed submarine at all times.”

The fact that Israel has achieved a deployable nuclear triad was also advertised in a June 15, 2002, report in the Washington Post, under the headline, “Israel Has Submarine-Based Atomic Arms Capability”.


Further revelations were released in an article in the Los Angeles Times on Oct. 12th, 2003, where two unnamed Bush Administration officials disclosed, and an Israeli official confirmed, that Israel really has modified U.S.-supplied nuclear-armed cruise missiles, and installed them on the three German-built submarines in its navy. All three spoke on condition of anonymity.


Also on Sunday October 12th, 2003, The Observer on-line edition published the following article on these latest revelations: “Peter Beaumont in London and Conal Urquhart in Jerusalem,” Israeli and American officials have admitted collaborating to deploy US-supplied Harpoon cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads in Israel’s fleet of Dolphin-class submarines, giving the Middle East’s only nuclear power the ability to strike at any of its Arab neighbours.


The unprecedented disclosure came as Israel announced that states ‘harbouring terrorists’ are legitimate targets, responding to Syria’s declaration of its right to self-defence should Israel bomb its territory again. According to Israeli and Bush administration officials interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, the sea-launch capability gives Israel the ability to target Iran more easily should the Iranians develop their own nuclear weapons.


Israeli targeting systems


The Jewish author Seymour Hersh relates extensive (and highly successful) efforts by Israel to obtain targeting data from U.S. intelligence. Much satellite imaging data of the Soviet Union was obtained through the American spy, the Jew Jonathan Pollard (Pollard spied for Israel and he provided it with U.S. radar-images of targets in the Arab countries and in the Soviet Union. These pictures were crucial, since they serve the guidance system of Israel’s Jericho 2 missile, which became operational just at that time, in 1984 and 1985).


Satellite imagery from a U.S. KH-11 satellite for example was used to plan the 7 June 1981 attack on the Tammuz-1 reactor at Osiraq, Iraq. This attack, carried out by 8 F-16s accompanied by 6 F-15s punched a hole in the concrete reactor dome before the reactor began operation (and just days before an Israeli election) and delivered 15 delay-fuzed 2000 lb bombs deep into the reactor structure (the 16th bomb hit a nearby hall). The blasts shredded the reactor and blew out the dome foundations, causing it to collapse on the rubble. This was the world’s first attack on a nuclear reactor.


Since 19 September 1988 Israel has had its own satellite reconnaissance system and thus no longer needs to rely on U.S. sources. On that day the Offeq-1 satellite was launched on the Shavit booster, a system closely related to the Jericho-2 missile. Offeq-2 went up on 3 April 1990. The launch of the Offeq-3 failed on its first attempt on 15 September 1994, but was retried successfully 05 April 1995.


A Crazy US President and A Deranged Israeli PM:


I think, the actual Nuclear World War could be easily triggered by the illicit agreement between the crazy American President and the deranged and adventurous Israeli Prime Minister.


Please take a close look at the example of the actual Israeli nuclear threats to the world security: In 2002, while the United States was building for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon threatened that if Israel was attacked “Israel will react. Is it clear?”


Israeli defense analyst Zeev Schiff explained: “Israel could respond with a nuclear retaliation that would eradicate Iraq as a country.” It is believed President George W. Bush gave Sharon the Green-Light to attack Baghdad in retaliation, including with Nuclear Weapons, but only if attacks came before the American military invasion.


Unless one is a madman, nobody in his right mind would contemplate a nuclear world war that would likely kill hundreds of millions of human beings, and which could bring forth the collapse of civilization, and lead to the extermination of human life on earth. Indeed, nuclear armaments have made total war a crime against humanity and civilization. It is of paramount importance to avoid such a calamity.


No responsible leader starts wars of aggression (this is against international law and the U.N. Charter) and no responsible leader should talk lightly about an immoral World War that could kill millions of people and that could threaten the survival of the planet. Above all, he should not be itching to start one.


— Instead, the US President, whoever and whatever color he or she is: a Republican or a Democrat, White, Black, Brown or Yellow, should be actively working to prevent a nuclear war and to make such a disaster illegal, and not muse aloud how he could personally be involved in one. (HSH)





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