The Unofficial version


About everyone was surprised by events of September 11, 2001. It has become something unthinkable. The attack on the United States of America, after which there was a consequent collapse of three buildings of the World Trade Center and of part of the Pentagon.


However, also at this moment, there were people who began to ask questions how it might actually fall in such an unusual way. The more they thought about this the less them satisfied the official theory explaining the causes of the collapse of these buildings. More and more entered their head that it looks like a controlled demolition.


These people began to collect and analyze the available documents. It began to emerge so-called an unofficial version of the events of September 11, 2001. This version began to be by the governmental circles termed as a conspiracy theory. It does not have general support in state media, and nor in the media, which owns large multinational corporations.


But after all it is quickly gaining strength and spreading mainly thanks to the Internet. Its big boom arrived after the publication of the results of state investigation, namely thanks to this that it could already refer to the discrepancies in the official version. As well, fewer and fewer people believe every day to the theory about al-Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, who is already probably several years dead. At least we take a look at some reasons which lead them to it.


We will also focus on some knowledge of experts who on the basis of information and knowledge available to them refer to the contradictions in the official version and call for the renewal of the investigation of this event. About the renewal of the investigation call for also quite a number of military and political analysts.


Even among proponents of an unofficial version do not predominate the same opinion for all the events of that critical day. However, in the majority of issues they agree. For information we will get closer only the main ideas of this version. By it we do not detract from the losses of human lives and property in no way. „Whoever“ was behind the attacks, it was a very bad act.




The fall of the towers was from beginning to end the same as if the entire steel structure of the building was made of paper. The buildings collapsed nearly symmetrically and at speed approaching freefall. For calculation of the time for that would the body cover during the freefall a distance equal to the average height of the towers (416 m) [18], we come out from the formula s = 0,5gt2, where s is the distance, g the acceleration of gravity and t the time. Since the value of acceleration of gravity for the geographic latitude of New York is g = 9,803 m/s2 [9], so for a total fall time in the vacuum we obtain an approximate value of 9.2 s.


According to the findings of NIST, the total collapse time of the towers was about 9 s (South tower – WTC 2) and 11 s (North tower – WTC 1).[43] It occurred to the total collapse of 110-story buildings, including sublevels, without being apparent that the lower floors would put up resistance to the collapsing higher floors. Just over such a speed of fall are scholars taken aback.


When analyzing the videos scholars discovered that under the falling floors, i.e. still in undamaged floors, it occurred the horizontal outbursts of dust in several places.[2], [1] Since in these stories were no fires and it was a case of dust only, then question is, what this his rapid blowouts caused. This phenomenon has contributed to the birth of theory about the use of explosives. Some eyewitnesses describe that before the collapse and during they heard a series of explosions.


According to the proponents of this theory only explosives would proved demolish the towers by this speed, when in advance they would blast single floors, so as not to put up resistance to those floors which fell on them. It is even spoken about the explosions in the basement just before plane strike. By evidence of this are the eyewitness accounts and shots from the entrance hall and garages of the North tower.


When removal of debris it came to a very interesting finding. It was discovered places with molten metal.[28] In August 2006 NIST published in its overview of answers to frequently asked questions the following declaration: „In no instance did NIST report that steel in the WTC towers melted due to the fires.”)[43] If then it is not possible for aircraft fuel and subsequent office fires to prove melt steel, it begs the question, how could to this ever happen.


According to Steven Earl Jones, a professor of physics, it is a case of one of the evidences supporting his theory about the use of thermite. Thermite is a mixture of metal oxides with powdered metal – most commonly we encounter a combination of oxide of iron and of aluminum powder. Predominantly it is used as a admixture in military incendiaries. Thanks to the high temperature released by the burning easily melt iron without problems.[20]


Professor Jones in his revised and supplemented study [32] also presents evidence about the use of explosives. He also points at a large block of the South tower, which was above the point of plane impact. By the building collapse this part substantially deflected out of axis and subsequently fell to pieces still before impact on the ground.


To the version of controlled demolition inclines in his analyses also David Chandler.[31] Apart from other things, he also scrutinized the speed of horizontal ejecting of pieces of material at the fall of towers. Also it is worthy of mention that NIST admits that it is unable to fully explain the total collapse („…we are unable to provide a full explanation – of the total collapse.“).[42]


Savage blow dealt the official version the international research team of nine scientists who were preparing for 18 months the expert study about unreacted nanothermite found in the dust from the collapsed World Trade Center buildings.[30] More on this study, which came out in April 2009, is here.


By very interesting fact is the finding of hundreds of pieces of human bones, many of size of a few millimeters only, on the roof of Deutsche Bank.[7], [38] In order to crush the bone into small pieces that would still get through the tissue and subsequently up to the roof of given building, it requires large quantity of energy. If this happens, and even at several tenth of people or more, then it is at least startling.


Proponents of the unofficial theory also point to a large cloud of dust which arose from the pulverized concrete,[37] and for comparison they present images of the collapse of different buildings, where we will certainly not see a similar phenomenon to the similar extent.[10] By this we approached the main points of unofficial theory concerning the fall of the Twin towers. In next section we will focus on some circumstances of the fall of building WTC 7.




This building fell in late in the afternoon without being hit by a plane. The official version claims that this 186 m high building [45] fell in due to fire. Unofficial version, similarly as at the Twins, does not find any major fires and invokes besides the eyewitnesses and available photographs also on the various videos from which are apparent small sources of fires only.


From the statements of experts invited in year-end 2001 to an interview for The New York Times follows from that no similar modern high-rise building with steel structure ever did not fall by reason of uncontrolled fire (original no building like it, a modern, steel-reinforced high-rise, had ever collapsed because of an uncontrolled fire).[26] The unofficial version for comparison exemplifies also shots of high-rise buildings fires, which had much greater course and longer burning time, and which did not fall in consequence of such fires.[11]


Let us look what proponents of an unofficial version consider as the cause of the destruction of this building. Their conclusion is the same as at the Twin towers. According to them it was a case of faultlessly executed controlled demolition. Among the great proponents of this version belongs architect Richard Gage, who founded the organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth).[21]


Gage points to speed the fall of about 6.5 s. Professor Jones measured 6.5 sec [32] and professor Griffin talks about the speed virtually identical with the freefall speed.[28] If we according to the above formula calculate the time required for the body impact from the height 186 m to the ground, we obtain the time stamp of 6.16 s (again counted with acceleration of gravity g = 9,803 m/s2 , corresponding to the geographic latitude of New York city). If it is calculated the freefall speed also with air resistance, we obtain a rough figure 6.45 s.[39] As against Twins this building apparently collapsed gradually from the lower floors.[19], [34] Unofficial release also mentions a large clouds of crushed concrete and refer to the great similarity with controlled demolitions.




On the basis of the official version we learn that airplane of American Airlines, flight number 77, crashed into the Department of Defense. The unofficial version is in its conclusions more cautious. Instead of concrete answers rather poses a number of questions. It points out the fact that the wall of Pentagon collapsed till twenty minutes after the impact and that the FBI otherwise had confiscated whole range of records from the cameras but up to now was released no shot which would clearly confirmed version of impact of the Boeing 757.


The unofficial version also claims that the found debris “of something” also does not bring the required evidences. Eyewitness testimonies are not unambiguous.[25], [13] The impact itself “of something” out of doubt had to capture several cameras positioned in corridors, perhaps even in some offices of the Pentagon. No such a record has ever been published.


With regard to lack of basis too many people do not pay attention to the attack on the Pentagon. Proponents of unofficial version mostly tend to the view that mentioned airplane probably did not crash into the Pentagon. Interesting corroborative information to this view brought Pilots for 911 Truth).[35] This organization unite aviation professionals and pilots from different countries who try together to find the truth about the 11 September attacks.


They made a reconstruction of the entire flight until the impact itself on flight simulator. They used the data which had to be obtained from the flight data recorder, so-called “black box”, of the crashed airplane, and which provided organization NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). But against simulation of NTSB they came out them slightly different conclusions during their simulation, and it such that the given airplane had at the time of the alleged impact physically to occur approximately 90 meters higher.[12]


Rob Balsamo and Craig Ranke, members of this organization, claim: „When considering the eyewitness reports and on location research of Citizen Investigation Team and the Flight Data Recorder analysis by Pilots for 9/11 Truth, there can be no other conclusion than that both sets of data are irreconcilable with the physical damage to the building.“)[22]


According to the findings of the pilots it was not nor possible, to the aircraft proved just before impact itself, on the basis of the given flight records, damage five poles of public lighting.[33] If we admit that the airplane had to occur according to the results of research of these pilots approximately 90 meters higher then it would mean that there might come to flight just above the Pentagon where would be covered by a flash of light and a smoke screen of well known explosion arisen from the impact “of something” into the wall of Pentagon and subsequently it might land at Reagan National Airport 1.5 km distant.[8]


Plane wreckages in Pennsylvania


With the official version presented by the organisation NTSB do not agree already mentioned organization Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Its members claim that the NTSB flight animation of Flight 93 is in contradiction with the testimonies of witnesses.[23] They also express negatively to the officially published angle of incidence.[36]


Very interesting is debris location.[6] It was namely found places with a higher incidence of small debris. One such a place was found within the distance of about 5 km and the second approximately 13 km from the alleged impact point of the plane.[3] It is hard to imagine that the plane would exploded after impact and wreckages was scattered for miles away to be there more or less concentrated to a small area. It points to possibility of shooting down the plane.[29], [27]


The official version



We will not here engage in detailed description of the events of that fateful day, because it assumes their general knowledge. However, we will briefly summarize the course of events of the given day for completeness. By the official version we will for our purposes understand the coverage provided by the major news media and government agencies or commissions which have what to do with the compilation of opinions and investigations of these attacks.


On Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001 at 8.46 a.m. local time plane type Boeing 767 crashes into 110-story North tower of the World Trade Center between the 93rd and 99th floor. At 9.03 a.m. it comes up to another impact of the airliner. This time it crashes into the South tower of the World Trade Center between the 78th and 84th floor. Television stations already broadcast live this shot into the world.


Perhaps to everyone is at the moment clear that it is not a case of an accident. Airports in New York are closed. At 9.25 a.m. an American airspace closes and all airplanes must land immediately. At 9.37 a.m. the plane type Boeing 757 crashes into the Pentagon, to the U.S. Department of Defense. At 9.57 a.m. the affected part of the Pentagon collapses. Two minutes later the South tower goes down. At 10.03 a.m. the airplane falls in Pennsylvania. It is Boeing 757. At 10.28 a.m. the North tower collapse occurs. Late afternoon at 17.25 the 47-story building WTC 7 tumble down to the ground.


The U.S. president George Bush has speech to the nation at half past eight in the evening. Beginning of the war on terrorism occurs.[15], [16], [41] An investigation of the whole matter began immediately. Osama bin Laden [4] and organization al-Qaeda were branded as the main suspects on September 17, 2001. A list of nineteen people who had to hijack mentioned four airplanes was presented to the public. Muhammad Ata was perhaps the best known of this group. Names as Ayman al-Zawahiri and Muhammad Umar also dropped. These allegations eventually led to the Afghanistan invasion on October 7, 2001.[17]


State investigation of the causes of the World Trade Center collapse ran concurrently with an allegation of Laden and his fellow workers. Several organizations immediately conducted of this task. By the best known organizations are FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).


Organization NIST developed the most extensive study of several thousands of pages about the causes of the World Trade Center buildings collapse.[44] FEMA did not left behind. Its report has a range of hundreds of pages.[40] It is also necessary to mention the report of commission which dealt with the causes of September 11, 2001 attacks, and as well also by preparation and immediate response on various terrorist attacks. This report has 585 pages and is known as The 9/11 Commission Report.[41]


The investigation finished by the conclusion that mainly the intense fires caused the total destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. They had by its intensity to bend beams and weaken steel which had to cause the fall of separate floors at each other, thereby then the total collapse of buildings.


Comparing versions


Both the official and also the unofficial version has its backers and opponents. For a better understanding of the context, we repeated the official version in brief and we familiarize also with the most common objections of counterparty as well. The existence of both versions shows us that the events around us are often much more complicated than is apparent at first sight.


Knowledge of both versions leads us to more thinking about events and such an approach can enable us superior analysis in the event of occurrence of another emergency of similar or even greater importance.


Unofficial version sets a one big goal, namely to launch an independent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001. So far, only gradually gain strength. If no further emergency of world importance occurs, there is the real chance that it will succeed to open this investigation, whether in the USA or elsewhere in the world.


In the case of interest about details concerning the unofficial version, we can see for example on pages whole range of videos. But this article should be sufficient for a rough summary.


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The old saying says: One big lie should be covered by another big lie and this immoral practice would continue to get bigger and bigger until these lies are so big that they could not be covered effectively by the liars. By that time the TRUTH would come out! (HSH)


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