by Syarif Hidayat


      The main part of The Balfour Declarationcontains a sentence that says: “Nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.

      This statement protects non-Jews (Palestinians and Arabs), but the Zionist Israelis murder them and their children on a daily basis.

What is The Balfour Declaration?


The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was the first significant declaration by a world power in favour of a Jewish “national home” in what was known as Palestine.
      Up until now, historians disagree as to what the then British Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, intended by his declaration. The letter has no mention of the word “state”, and insists that nothing should be done “which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.
      The letter was addressed to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the Jewish community in Britain. It became an important arm of the movement to create a Jewish state in Palestine.

The Balfour letter:  
Foreign Office

2 November, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur James Balfour


T H E   F R A N K L Y N   R E P O R T (Written by C. S. Franklyn Sr)

Zionist Jews got license to steal Palestinian lands


        Let’s agree at the outset that Lord Balfour, Dr. Weizmann, Lord Rothchild, Lord Samuel, and Prime Minister David Lloyd George et al made a deal of mutual convenience during the First World War (1917) that gave the Zionist Jews both the opportunity and the license to steal land in Palestine and establish an independent Jewish state. At least, that is how the Jews choose to read The Balfour Letter!

This history is a beautiful revelation of the Mind of the Political Jew whom we know today as the Zionists! However, — to be fair and circumspect — The Zionists of Theodor Herzl’s day were not the terrorists that they became after they gained a foothold in The Holy Land following the First World War!

Their leaders were a different breed of Jew: Russians — smart, crafty and driven not only by Herzl’s Dream but by their own more determined Dream that grew over the years to eventual domination of the World! That part of history is about to start soon! And, American Citizens will pay a dear price for their failure to stop Zionist ambitions to control the U.S. A. in all of its strategic institutions and business entreprises!

It is clear that British Religious Jews, through their organizations, objected strenuously to the Zionist Movement and what it was planning to do. They insisted that Zionism’s treachery would only make life for Orthodox Jews in other countries more difficult.

Indeed, Theodor Herzl’s vision of a Jewish Homeland, however, did become ‘something else’ — more terrifying and bloody than he ever imagined. Fortunately, he did not live to see how other’s would exploit and then corrupt his Dream! Even today, Zionist leaders continue a vicious — perhaps, EVIL — control of World Affairs by destroying the American Republic!

Unfortunately, the government of the United States became an active part of that horrifying Vision and Onslaught when President Harry Truman “recognized” the Zionist’s declaration of statehood for Israel in 1948!  At that point, the burden of Israel’s duplicity, terrorism and wrong doings became the burden of the People of the USA!

Citizens in the USA have very little knowledge or understanding of How and Why their Central Government has ceded so much power to American Jews and the Organization of Zionism. Traumatized by the repeated story and images of The Holocaust, American children and adults have been driven into silence on matters relating to Jews and their political and cultural activism — apparently fearing they will be accused of “anti-Semitism”!

To add to this fear and confusion, large numbers of Gentile Christians joined the Zionist Movement because of the historical ties between Christians and Jews, particularly the significance of The Holy Bible. Their’s was an unwise and foolish alliance, but today that deed is done long ago!

The history of the Zionist manipulations is a perfect accounting of the typical Zionist Jew deception, harassment, duplicity, single-mindedness and skullduggery to a degree that is almost magnificent in its execution. In the eyes of History, however, it may not be said that it was the Herzl Zionist’s finest hour! What those events proved was that the Political Jew, much like the Business Jew, is a Consummate Hypocrite, possessing a monstrous Greediness, an irrepressible Arrogance and Ego.

They are tough-minded adversaries. The Political Jew is always unpredictable and can be trusted to do what favors his best interest above all other objectives. They invented the “Whatever It Takes” approach — a practice that now invests itself throughout every part of American Life! Such practices have now been instilled into the American Persona. Such personal characteristics can be seen best in the offspring of the Baby Boomer generation in this country.

Snubbing and Intimidation of Arabs and Muslims

Snubbing and intimidation of the Arabs, in spite of their much different culture, religion (Muslim & Christian) and lack of sophistication, by the Zionists did not work worth a damn! Muslims today are anything but intimidated by the Jews  who have taken over the best parts of The Holy Land.

In the year 2000, Palestinian resolve is stronger than ever! They have learned to play the game of their Occupiers, the Zionists, whose reign of terror in The Holy Land eventually carved out a piece of land that would become exclusively ISRAEL, a monotheistic state that calls itself a Democracy. They are anything but a Democracy!

Today, even though poor and homeless, the Palestinians are an organized, single-minded people, unlike Israel which is a hotbed of revolutionaries and anarchists engaged in destroying their own country. This is not new for Hebrew communities. History keeps repeating itself because the Political Jew (i.e., the Zionists) have never learned anything through their bitter experiences and their many ostracisms.

Those who never learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them and suffer forever! Unfortunately, the rest of the World and the USA especially is suffering, also. And, that suffering will become worse very soon (2005-2010)!


At the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, when France said it would takeover control of Syria without surveying Arab desires, in the debate that followed before the four Major Powers, President Wilson discovered that Britain’s Lloyd George government had made commitments to the Zionists to establish a  ‘Jewish national homeland’ in Palestine plus much more than he (Wilson) had ever heard of before.

Wilson and his State department apparently were never privy to the Balfour Letter and the other deals being implemented by his own U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Brandeis (President of the U.S. Zionist Confederation!).

Wilson, unaware of  that deal as well as the McMahan Agreement with the Sherif of Mecca, insisted that such deals were not acceptable to the U.S. unless it was known that the Palestinians and other people in Syria were agreeable to the idea of a Jew Homeland.

He asked the League’s Council to send a commission to the Holy Land to interview residents of the area before anything further was done. Britain and France, while agreeing “in principle” with Wilson’s proposal, refused to send delegates for such an inquiry. Wilson then sent an all-American delegation called the King-Crane Commission to determine the attitude of the people living in the newly freed territory (i.e., The Holy Land).

The on-site survey — by the King-Crane Commission — was completed in 31 days. (It is of great historic significance because it firmly establishes the fact that:

1)    the Zionists were not welcome in The Holy Land and

2)    their effort to establish an independent state would lead to a holy war that would eventually inflame the entire Middle East.

England, France and Japan knew what could happen but they arrogantly paid no attention to the Arab objections!  Before the Paris Conference had ended, the King-Crane Commission wrote its report and Wilson tried to submit it for the League’s review. It clearly established that to proceed with what the Zionists wanted would lead to serious conflict in Palestine and, in fact, the entire Arab Middle East.

Britain, France and Japan blocked Wilson’s effort to halt the establishment of a Zionist Commission to The Holy Land, telling him that the business of the conference was completed. They denied him the opportunity to present the King-Crane findings to the League!

Wilson’s actions, callously rebuffed by the other World Powers, was the only evidence of ‘conscience’ at the highest level of world leadership in that day. Twenty years later, England desperately needed the help of the U.S.A. again — this time to fight Hitler — and we responded again to fight a war that had as its center piece the most horrendous persecution of the Jews in history.

Edwin Montagu’s 1917 prediction that Zionist activity would turn against other Jews, making them foreigners in their own country, had been correct. The Zionists exploited and exposed their own Orthodox Jews to shame and ridicule and further acts of discrimination. Yet, the Zionists still call upon the help of Americans, using their oldest and most successful tactic: sympathy and pity.

Fortunate for the Zionist Jews was the fact that most USA Citizens were Christians and their leaders were easy prey to the Zionist’s pleadings for sympathy and help. As more American Gentiles came to believe in the Cause to Restore ISRAEL, a wave of secret pacts and resolutions occurred in political circles, communities and the highest levels of the Federal government.

Secretly, the USA would take on the duty of protecting and funding the Dream of a New ISRAEL even though every individual knew that the occupation of Palestine was morally wrong! By such dastardly deeds, We Americans, became criminals-in-kind with the British — even Winston Churchill who begged Roosevelt to rescue Great Britain a second time!

Exhausted and already ailing, Wilson returned home and within a month became inactive due to several strokes. Having dispensed with Wilson, the Zionists — with Great Britain and France already ‘in their pocket’–, were free to write the Mandate Document that would implement the start of their takeover in Palestine. That happened in 1922 at which time the Zionist Commission began to assemble in The Holy Land and the People of that land would never again know peace and tranquility!

Written by the same people who prepared the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations documents masterfully covered up the fact that the member nations in the League never had an opportunity to examine the Mandate document!

Balfour, Lord Samuel, Weizmann with the assistance of Felix Frankfurter, Walter Lippmann and other Harvard alumnus sent by USA’s Associate Justice Louis Brandeis, head of the American Zionist Organization, created the Palestine Mandate and then blatantly denied the League of Nations a full review of it! Yes, this disgusting lack of decency and compassion occurred at the highest levels of the United States government and its allies!!

Today, the Zionist Jews have penetrated the American Federal Government even more and through the activities of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), it is able to block anything they consider a threat to Israel or those issues near and dear to American Jewry! Hollywood plays a major role in this power politics.

Wilson’s effort alone was the only time when the USA’s moral sensibility was ever demonstrated. It was Wilson’s alone, however! It is clear that the entire U.S. delegation, including many well-known figures, knew in 1920 that the Zionists were going to use Great Britain’s military power to begin the slow and steady expulsion of Palestinians, especially from those areas coveted by the Zionist-Jews.

The Palestinians could have whatever the Jews did not want — a typical behavior of Jews in other milieu over the centuries! It was this capacity for treachery, that Hitler hated in the Jews and coupled with his intense awareness of the fact that Russian Jews were the source of Communism throughout Europe, he eventually set in motion their extermination!

Hitler knew better than most leaders of that day that Russia’s revolutionary government under Lenin was also a Jewish phenomenon waiting to happen soon! Yet History will not tell you that because Jews in the USA and England write the history and publish the books! They also control what you SEE and HEAR on TV, Radio, Satellite, etc!

Although Jerusalem was a vital ancient site to Muslims, Christians and Jews alike, the Jews demanded full autonomy over The Holy City, Jerusalem. Christians apparently have never asserted a claim to The Holy Land, choosing (apparently) to merge their interests with those of Jews.

Neo-Zionists is to take control of the American Republic

Why? Does not history make it clear that the Hebrews are enemies of Christianity?  Even today the major attacks on American Christian Culture is being planned and carried out by Secular and Orthodox Jews in the USA! The ultimate plan by Neo-Zionists is to take control of the American Republic by political means and raise ISRAEL to a place of pre-eminence in the World! That program is proceeding nearly on-schedule!

The American Citizen appears to be totally unaware that their charity. wealth, tolerance and Good Will toward ISRAEL has put the American Republic on a path to Socialism. By that time, Zionist Jews will have compromised America’s Judicial System, its Monetary System and its central Government operations.

They already control all the businesses engaged in propaganda and mind-control! The key to their success in the early part of the new millennium is their ability to politically capture The White House and hold it in perpetuity! That event occur now.

The Palestine Mandate required that European Jews immigrate to Palestine to increase the population to such a point that they would be able to set up  1) a viable economic society. 2) an administrative government;  3) a law enforcement capability and 4) a modern military force. At first, there were not enough Jews in the area to populate the new state! Soon, however, the Zionists became experts in using illegal immigration to overwhelm the Palestinians at the ballot box!

This growth process continued from 1922 to 1948 under the protection of British military forces. It was a turbulent period in which the British Military Administrator (General Bols) complained to London that the Zionist’s attitudes and behavior where intolerable. Throughout that early period, the Zionist Jews operated as terrorists, no less evil and murderous than today’s terrorists led by Bin Laden, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Today, in contrast, having taken all they wanted, with hat in hand, and with the lion’s share of The Holy Land, now they show a different face to the World.

In time, the Zionists in the role of marauding terrorists drove the British out of the area, also. Today, the leaders of those terror groups (Begin, Rabin, Sharon) have become Israel’s Prime Ministers, posing as more benign characters which is part of their grand deception!

They hide behind a facade now called The State of Israel, a nation that exists only because of the military and financial support of the USA! That relationship has never been fully revealed to the Citizens of the USA, however, it is clear that it will someday bring a reign of terror down on American cities! (INDEED, IT HAPPENED on September 11, 2001!)

In 1947, the British notified the United Nations that they were discontinuing the Palestine Mandate and it (UNO) would have to take over the problem. Truman, harassed by Zionists who were trying to get into the Oval Office constantly, embraced the problem to the great relief and delight of the British. Even as a Senator, Truman had demonstrated a pro-Jew/Zionist/Israel attitude though he admitted openly the Jews were a troublesome lot and took up much of his time.

His surprising rise to become Vice Presidential candidate in Roosevelt’s fourth term was engineered by powerful Jews in the Democratic Party — another master stroke of genius by the Zionists who were sure that Roosevelt would not complete his fourth term!

Truman became the Vice President in Roosevelt’s fourth term as the result of a Zionist action if not a magnificent conspiracy! It may be said with great accuracy that Jews learned quickly how to play the People of the USA like a violin! They still do!

Truman’s recognition of Israel was vigorously opposed by his Secretary of State, General George C. Marshall, the man who master-minded the assault on Europe against Hitler. He resigned from the Administration when Truman rejected his warning that a State of Israel would bring war and unrest throughout the Middle East.

The Jewish Bomb’

Historians and their publishers suppressed the facts regarding Marshall’s resignation since it would expose the treachery of Jews in manipulating The White House. Given Truman’s pro-Jew stance, it is more than likely that the reason he approved the dropping of the Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima was because the scientific leaders of the Manhattan Project were all Jews!

They privately called it ‘the Jewish Bomb’! And they wanted it used as a statement to the World as to what they were capable of doing. It was their ultimate weapon of retribution! Mysteriously, though they do not admit it, The State of Israel obtained the technology and now have a nuclear capability as well as the Atomic Bomb!

How did the Zionists manage to get so many World leaders to be on their side?


1. First, it is my judgment, notwithstanding Britain’s deal over ‘help’ from the Jews in the form of money and loans,’ that British leaders, and Truman, as well, became the victims of Zionist’s most formidable weapon: sympathy and empathy drawn from their long history of suffering banishment, and

2)  an inability to deny Jews their right to have a national homeland. The Gentiles, knowledge of the Bible and Christianity had to have some bearing upon their attitudes toward The Holy Land and the Hebrews. Everyone should have a “homeland’ – a place on earth to call HOME! — right? They had lived there until 70AD at which time the Romans drove them out of The Holy Land because they were troublemakers and saboteurs. Not surprising since the Romans had occupied the region by military conquest!

The most captivating thing about Theodor Herzl’s Zionism theory had been his observation that the Jews have carried on their fight from a ‘religious perspective’, when, instead, he argued, they needed a ‘political perspective’. His insight was revolutionary because the Zionistic approach unleashed all the Jewish skills and intrigues into a different sphere of activity on a world-wide basis.

Thanks to more opportunistic Jews who joined the movement, Zionism immediately veered away from Herzl’s more orderly and responsible strategy as he envisioned it in the beginning. The corrupting of Herzl’s Vision became a form of terrorism that has caused the unending suffering by both Jews and Palestinians! The USA, as well!

It is reasonable to understand that many British would like to put the ‘Jewish homeland problem’ behind them. The incessant propagandizing by the Zionists, their demands for meetings with top leaders, the constant flow of letters, etc was a source of harassment, irritation and delay for many busy leaders.

Add to this the emotionalism, irrationality and unbounded arrogance of Jews in general and they, as a People, were voices that could not be quieted. Put another way: No no-Jew leader had the courage or guts to tell the Jews to Go Home and Shut-Up! Even today, Jews demand priority attention to their problems over and above other more domestic issues in the USA.

Consider: Same Sex Marriage Issue which is nothing more than a tricky way to begin the acceptance of raw homosexualism in Christian America!

The destabilizing influence of activist Jews in the USA today and their control of 95% of the American MEDIA is a huge threat to the American Society but their psychological brainwashing (i.e., political correctness, etc) in America’s public schools has been so effective that the average U.S. Citizen under the age of sixty is oblivious to what the Neo-Zionists are doing to destroy the U.S. Republic!

Put another way, Theodor Herzl’s Zionism theory both beguiled and enticed the Gentiles so much that they had become devout pro-Zionists themselves! Some of the more naive probably believed that many Jews would move to Israel if an independent state was established there. Not a chance! Israel — Zionist Intellectuals believed — would become the headquarters of a far flung empire!

Jews know above all else that if they all lived inside their own borders, chaos would be the Norm because Jews cannot get along with themselves! This is why Israel adopted Dual Citizenship laws. They prosper best by conducting their businesses and professions in other countries among more naive more easily cheated non-Jews!

Christians, especially, seem to never object to Zionist attacks on their church or the New Testament. Yet it was barely one hundred years ago that Christians in the USA detested Jews because they and their religious leaders joined the Romans in crucifying Jesus Christ! Even that part of history has been erased from the minds of Americans today!

As a practical matter, some leaders theorized, the idea of the Jews returning to Palestine would remove the cause of much unrest and dissidence in other countries. Jews tend to be a restless, agitating people who cannot be satisfied until they actually control their environment or change their neighbors thinking to theirs. They tinker with everything!

The lessons of the Bolshevik (Communist) movement, and, more recently, the movements and organizations under Jewish leadership in the U.S. are proof positive of their irrepressible disruptive tendencies. The trait I refer to is at the very root of their many travails throughout History.

It is significant that the United States of America is the last remaining place on Earth where they can find a Civilization that they can exploit and undermine! The stakes have never been higher for them! Worry not, however, their organizations like the ACLU, ATLA, AIPAC and The ISRAEL LOBBY are functioning so smoothly, the final political coup to control the Executive Branch of the US government will occur without a single American political leader speaking out against it!


The root cause of their behavior is Ego and Arrogance and a maniacal belief that they are God’s Chosen People — a mantra of their own making centuries ago. Their many dispersals and mistreatment have been so extensive over the centuries that they refuse to assimilate into any other Culture. They and many of other faiths believe that a second Messiah is coming! This is the bond that joins many Christians to Judaism!

Theory #2.

It is obvious that Weizmann and his entourage of fanatics, regardless of anything he has said in public, planned a holocaust for the Palestinians in no less a way than Hitler planned the extermination of  European Jews.

Lets consider this disturbing observation at closer range.  In 1933, the Zionists in Germany were in good standing with the Nazi Party and Hitler. Both had the same goal: sending Jews out of Germany albeit for different reasons. It is astounding to read that Hitler designated the Zionist Organization as the “transfer agent” to process the selection and shipment of Jews to Palestine!

Zionists needed immigrants in Palestine, and Hitler wanted them out of Germany — a perfect quid pro quo! When the German Jews heard of this, they called it “extermination by immigration” and resisted it vigorously. This was a number of years before Hitler adopted concentration camps and gas chambers to solve ‘the Jewish problem’.

In other words, had the German Jews understood their plight, they would have been taken to Palestine, under fairly agreeable exit terms, and there would have been no Holocaust to haunt Jews and the rest of the World today!!

Let me indulge in an observation that demands consideration. Had the German Jews responded to the effort to move them to Palestine before 1939, there would have been no need for what became The Holocaust! It was God’s Will that the Jews should return to The Holy Land during the years between the two World Wars but Jews refused to respond even though their own people — the Zionists — where the ones who had prepared their return to their ancient homeland!

Hitler’s attitude was simple and pragmatic: Where Jews populate there is unrest and continual disruption. His observations, like the Romans, were quite accurate! But, of course, Hitler was a madman — they said — so what might have been true and thoughtful was discredited. Few ever mention, and many do not realize that Hitler was the only European leader who recognized the threat of Communism and had set out to stop it!

Jews were a piece of that political web! They had played a significant role in the Marxist-Leninist movement in Russia. Jews as industrialists and bankers had secured a firm hold on critical German institutions and at the other end of the spectrum, Jew anarchists were destabilizing German culture. Sound familiar? The same thing has been happening in the USA since the first World War!

If being sent out of your home country was “extermination by immigration”, then what would the Jews call the Zionist plot to takeover Palestine? Even at this moment (2000 A.D.), a million Palestinians — women and children — driven out of The Holy Land during the years of conflict, are living as refugees in unbelievably unfit camps.

By today’s standards, those camps are as horrible as Hitler’s concentration camps. And, they will become worse as the Islamic nations come to the rescue of Palestinians! Palestinians – though embittered and desperate after 80 years of ‘the Jew Occupation’ are still waiting for the Question to be answered by a compassionate and fair-minded world.

The U.S. Media will not broadcast such facts because it could detract from the favor of the American People enjoyed by the Israelis. Manipulating public opinion in the U.S. is a day-to-day activity by the Liberal Media which is controlled by pro-Israel Jews. These are the people who own and/or control most of the TV, Radio and Cable TV outlets in the USA!

They have substantial financial interests in non-Jew organizations, hence, their influence is extensive and pervasive throughout the entire USA business environment. They already have so much influence in the USA that they can create a Recession whenever political expediency demands!

My final comments return to the point made in an earlier part of the Study: it has been the United States of America who is most responsible for the conditions in the Middle East today!

What is not clear is: to what extent and by whom has the U.S. policy toward Israel been dictated? Why does the policy not change when Conservatives take over the Presidency? The fact that Jews occupy key roles in both parties, assures that Israel will always have friends in the American Federal government. Much of this success is due to an American Public who have little interest — or understanding — of national affairs!

Most Americans spend their time working on a job, then watching sports on TV with less than twenty minutes of their personal time spent on listening to reliable news sources and reading. American Citizens have all but abandoned their Citizenship responsibilities — all of which makes it easy for Activists to destabilize the U.S. Culture and undermine legal matters, regulations, government in general, and VOTING IN PARTICULAR!

We can be certain that after each President takes office, Israel will precipitate a new crisis which will permit the Media to make Israel the dominant news in the USA. Meanwhile, Europe and the Islamic world opposes Israel’s expansionist strategy and blames the USA for supporting it. Our involvement with Israel, in my judgment, is so deeply rooted and so sinister that our government in Washington cannot back away from Israel without incurring serious economic penalties. Jews own the USA?

Yes! They own and control enough of it to be capable of serious disruptions to our Economy, our Markets, our Consumer Confidence, even our Culture!

In brief, what I am saying is: the Zionists have penetrated the American Republic in key areas of the Justice and Financial systems, plus the organs of propaganda to such an extent that our Leaders are afraid to even speak the word JEW aloud anywhere!

Just as the Russian cleric Rasputin seized the Mind and Soul of the Russian Czar and his family, the Neo-Zionists have captured the Mind and Soul of America! Ask many of them about such things and they will confidently and arrogantly say: ” Yes, it is God’s Will!”

The above is my seriously considered view and it in no way reflects anti-Semitism whatsoever! Beware of the accusation “anti-Semitic”! It, like the word “Racist” has been turned into a frightening weapon used to indoctrinate our children for fifty or more years.

The fright that that “anti-Semitism causes in the minds of a majority of our people is similar to the terror that a golden cross produces when it is held in the face of Evil men!  In less than fifty years, Americans have been silenced so effectively that they dare not even speak the word “JEW” in Public!

And this is the Nation that brags about Freedom of Speech? Only our enemies use Freedom of Speech to do us harm everyday! Tune into the Late Night Shows and see and hear how the Jewish comedians speak of  us folks who live in the RED STATES!

Beginning with President Truman until the Clinton Administration, the Federal government has taken care of the State of Israel so that it remains militarily strong and financially solvent. Prior to Jimmy Carter’s Camp David Accords between Sadat’s Egypt and Begin’s Israel, American Jewry was constantly raising funds for Jewish Relief.

Carter enticed Begin and Sadat to bury the hatchet by offering them annual foreign aid in billions of dollars — literally a bribe calculated to make Carter eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize.

As a result of this generosity by the US taxpayer, Israel’s Leaders and its citizens have been emboldened, arrogant and intractable regarding their side of the Palestine issue. The result is an irrationality and radical boldness that has created a populace that will not accept any compromise that their leaders have negotiated.

Israel, while begging for help in all forms, insults even it friends and its benefactors! This is a real Nation?!! These are REAL People? They are God’s chosen People? Not the God, I know!

In spite of the help from the U.S.A., Israel has its spies operating in this country; they also provide safe havens for American Jews who commit crimes here, then flee to Israel. They demonstrate against us if we dare to urge them to be reasonable, nor do they honor their agreements with anyone.

Israel is in trouble! And, everyone seems to be in denial. We may be seeing a Nation in the early stages of a nervous breakdown as was the case in the American Civil War of 1860!

Unfortunately for us, Zionist Jews are geniuses at causing other people to have the nervous breakdowns — not them! The greatest threat to us today is the rise of a militant, terrorist element in the Islamic World where the resentment of the WEST increases every year. That rising tide of Muslim hatred is tied directly to our blind support of Israel.

No one in Washington dares to speak of these things because of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) the wealthiest, most sinister and most feared lobby group in Washington. In time, as the Boomer Jews take more control of AIPAC, you will see more and more Jews in Congress, occupying more chairmanships on Committees. By 2008, they have a noose around the necks of every elected member of Congress and they will dominate the affairs of that Branch of Government! Not only disruptions of our Culture and fundamental Christians come under fire then, but a number of issues such as acceptance of Homosexuals will be forced down the throats of an American Society who have lost their ability to judge Right from Wrong.

The following facts are obvious: while it is clear that our support of Israel is motivated by our desire to see the area achieve real peace for all people, Zionist influence empowered by lobbying funded by Jewish money from enormously wealthy secular Jewish families and celebrities in the U.S.A. has guided our foreign policy for decades!

This influence has much to do with the corrupt politics that we see in Washington today because Zionist activity has and continues to prevent competent and decent Citizens to run for seats in Congress. Yes, the Neo-Zionists have the USA in checkmate!! This is America’s most profoundly serious dilemma!

In fact, the most threatening force in the Federal government is that shadowy world of Zionist operatives who have unlimited funds to destroy any member of Congress who speaks ill of Israel or even raises some question regarding America’s policy ‘to defend and support Israel at any cost!’

When we remember that the Zionist movement in the USA was led by two men who were Associate Judges in the U.S. Supreme Court, is it not shocking to consider how many more are deployed throughout the Federal system? There are many, numbering thousands! And, by virtue of Dual Citizenship privileges, they are also citizens of Israel! Where, my friends, does their loyalty reside — here — or there?

No man or woman in this day of political intrigue can be loyal to two different countries!! They argue the point quite differently, however! And, our leaders lack the Will and Intelligence to engage them in a fight for the Truth!

The Israelis will never reach a reasonable attitude regarding their quarrel with the Palestinians until they recognize that America’s further help is predicated on reasonable Jews working with reasonable Palestinians to form a realistic, workable plan to co-exist.

If they cannot convince their People through their democratic process to accept the best of a possible compromise, then Israel is not a real Nation. It remains only a Vision! A Nation is made up of more than Land and People — it must have the Will to act like one to be one — indeed, it must be a Consensus of Human Wills but not just Israel’s alone!

For a fifth time in Hebrew history, are we not seeing history repeating itself? I can predict with confidence that in the coming Administration , we will see these elements of political intrigue worsen as Muslims begin to focus their hatred on the USA! Verily, I see this trouble in the tea leaves!

The Zionists, the Political Jews, and the Religious Jews now have their Nation. Yet, fifty-two years after statehood was proclaimed by PM David Ben-Gurion, it has not achieved internal stability or external peace. Over a hundred billion American tax dollars in foreign aid has not achieved any reciprocity from Israel toward the U.S.A. in terms of her shouldering the burden of her own Destiny. Neither cooperation, nor a demonstration of gratitude is evident.

Worse, however, is how Israel conducts espionage against us without apology or letup! Why does Washington tolerate such insult and treachery from people whom we have helped so much?



       The President should inform the Israeli People — via international TV — that by threatening to reject anything agreed to in the current Summit, and their failure to support their own democratically elected Prime Minister, makes it necessary for the United States to re-examine its relationship with Israel and its People. Unless, they can achieve internal unity and rational conduct as well as a modicum of respect for U.S.A., the United States will no longer feel compelled to continue its diplomatic efforts and financial support.

That re-examination should be completed in 90 days at which time the United Nations will be informed that the U.S.A is unable to promote peace among people who do not want it.  This new policy will fail, however, if American Zionists and their conscripts continue to control  Washington — especially the  White House and both houses of Congress! Then this strategy must be adopted by the next President on behalf of the Citizens of the United States!

The continued support of Israel, in the face of their belligerency and endless agitation, is foolhardy and dangerous. It faults the Government’s duty to the American People and serves only to placate the emotions of a minority of Jewish sympathizers in the U.S.A. Something more effective is needed and Zionists and Jews in general in this country should join this initiative to awaken the Israelis and bring about a settlement. Emotionalism and religious matters must be curbed.

Zionists who remain strong, influential and determined to bring peace in the Middle East no matter what it may cost the Citizens of the United States, can join this new effort by ending their constant lobbying and agitation in Washington. AIPAC is now the largest lobbying group in the U.S. Capitol. It is the most vigorous, the wealthiest and is backed by dozens of non-profit associations and study groups that appear continuously, in one form or another, on C-SPAN, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and National Public Radio (NPR).

Given the apathy and distrust of the White Christian Americans who seem to have no opinion on anything except baseball and the NFL, only this pro-Israel group can deliver this Nation and the World from a disaster in the Middle East that is surely coming!

DOES ANYONE HEAR THIS VOICE!                                                                   

I close this with an observation drawn from a number of quarters.

There is no reason to expect the people who created the conspiracy to takeover Palestine, the hard-line Zionists, to be any more trustworthy or reasonable in the present circumstances. Their goal remains the same. It has not been fully realized! Why should America continue to fund a stalemated lunacy?

We have irreconcilable issues, complicated by intense religious differences that have never been solved in five thousand years! Israel remains defiant against virtually the rest of the World, a position made possible primarily by the support of the United States of America. Remove that blind support and adopt a more firm and honest attitude toward Israel’s intransigence which would dissipate instantly if the USA said “Enough of this behavior! It is time to recognize the call for adjudication and mediation of the differences that hang over the Middle East and Israel!”

Regrettably, the Zionists seem to have made fools not only of us but of themselves as well!  Has leadership in this country been so perfectly compromised that we cannot intelligently adopt the plan that we suggest above? Having lost our good sense, have we also lost our courage to try what is Right and more even-handed? Pray that the next President stops these hopeless summits and tells both sides that the U.S. will help when they achieve certain understandings and show signs of collective sanity!

Finally, a reminder: while a successful and affluent U.S.A. is sufficient reason for hatred and envy to be directed against The Citizens of the USA, there is a much deeper cause of resentment and hatred that drives terrorists to do harm to us. I say again: The trigger is Israel! Our role over the past eighty years, providing protection, funding and comfort to the People of Israel is the principle cause of the Islamic World’s hostility toward us.

This Truth has been and will continue to be suppressed by powerful Zionist groups in this country.  Do we not have a Voice of Our Own?!  Do we not have a backbone of our own?

Two great American leaders — President Woodrow Wilson and George C. Marshall — saw the true nature of the Zionist Movement. Unfortunately, politicians of lesser brain power and global grasp, prevailed over these fine Americans. And, sadly, We the People didn’t even know what was happening!

Our Ignorance of these matters can no longer be explained away, however! We are going to pay a terrible price for our role in the Middle East — specifically, in The Holy Land! If you think for one second that God is happy with what He sees in The Holy Land today, then you do not know Him as I do!

If you believe that He supports the Atheistic Secular Jews and the evil Political Jews who are undermining our Beloved America, then you have failed to prove your worth to His Cause! The mantra that all Jews are God’s Chosen People has been a myth for centuries!

Having read this commentary, no one in the USA can say that he or she did not know what was coming!!, concludes C. S. Franklyn Sr.



  1. The Balfour Declaration (The Balfour letter).
  2.  T H E   F R A N K L Y N   R E P O R T

M  I  D  D  L  E    E  A  S  T    S  T  U  D  Y    (S C H O L A R   E D I T I O N ) T H E  P A L E S T I N E – I S R A E L  C  O  N F L I C T

C L O S I N G   C O M M E N T A R Y  (May 2000 following the last Clinton Summit)



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