by Syarif  Hidayat

        The US-led western regimes and the western mainstream media circus terror intimidate Muslims more than anyone else on earth. After any terrorist activity, inside their houses, Muslims try to put fingers into their ears, not hear the phrase “another act of Muslim terror”.

        The level of hypocrisy in attitude of the western regimes police and the media is conspicuous. If a Muslim does, it is a terror plot but if a non-Muslim does, it is just an ‘act of violence’

       Immediately after any incidence of terrorist activity, the mainstream media’s immediate reaction – pointing the finger towards Muslim extremist groups – shows the media’s inherent bias against the Muslims.

       Outside, in non-Muslim countries, they avoid eye contacts with others to avoid giving possible explanations that “it need not be an act of Muslim terror” or “I wasn’t a part of it.” For a terror-attack anywhere, Muslims everywhere have to hang their heads in shame.

        Muslims are the first suspects in almost all cases of violence, the world over. The Western Media circus usually has “credible sources” and bigot analysts to hatch theories against Muslims and the police has “informers” and matrix of terror links with names of Muslim youths inscribed as terrorists-in-line.

        Thus, investigation, forensic analysis, and fact finding, all have become irrelevant. The new logic of both the media and the police is to blame Muslims first, and investigate later.


“You are either with US, or you are with the terrorists”G.W.Bush


      You obey our dictates-or else!-By this proclamation, the U.S. government is attempting to draft junior partners in their plan to dominate the world. Their dream, and our nightmare, is a world where a continuing state of war recasts all the world’s relations, giving them a monopoly over the world’s sources of oil and preferred access to global markets and laborers.

       They want to knock down potential adversaries and defiant second rank governments with the U.S. military, crushing hotspots of struggle against oppression, while their junior “partners” do the daily oppression of the people of the world. It’s the Afghan model: U.S. ground troops “mopping up” vestiges of Taliban/Al-qaida forces, while British troops “keep the peace” helping prop up the U.S.-supplied prefab government.

       Specific and general threats are being made against many countries for future phases of this so-called “War on Terrorism.” Iraq, North Korea, and Iran are proclaimed the “axis of evil,” while particular threats and moves are made against forces in Colombia, Peru, Nepal, and the Philippines. Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, and even ‘parts of Egypt’ receive mention!

      Grouping Iraq, North Korea, and Iran seems wack; no link between any of them and either the Sept. 11th attacks or the anthrax attacks has been found-and not for lack of trying! Iran does border Iraq, but they fought an eight-year war after Iran kicked out the Shah. An indication of how much concern the U.S. government had about the Iran-Iraq war was reflected in these words of Henry Kissinger, “Too bad they can’t both lose.” The poison gas used by Iraq in this period was manufactured with material from Europe and the U.S., and the U.S. voiced no criticism of this war crime until it began targeting Saddam Hussein.

       Iraq is suffering from ongoing sanctions, imposed after the Gulf War, that kill thousands of children every month. For eleven years now the U.S. has tortured this country, yet the survival of Saddam Hussein is evidence that the U.S. is not all-powerful-sending our rulers into a frenzy, and sufficiently justifies, in their eyes, a military campaign to remove him.

      North Korea’s inclusion stunned politicians in South Korea. The tension on the peninsula had reached its lowest point in 45 years, but, no matter, there was an important point to make-other countries’ interests would take a back seat to those of the U.S.What these three countries do have in common are that they are in strategic regions and they have defied the U.S. in various ways.

        The Bush administration is trying to change the wording of a law explicitly prohibiting U.S. intervention in Columbia to allow action there, as part of the “War against Terrorism”-again with no evidence of any link to Al Qaida. They want to bluntly intervene in the civil war on the side of a government that has the worst human rights record on the continent-and call it fighting “terrorism!” In Peru, a car bombing-for which no group has claimed responsibility-inspires Bush to pledge his support to the Peruvian government, “We both know the toil (sic) of terrorism.”-a rare slip of the tongue that reflected some truth.

       In the Philippines, U.S. forces are “training” the Philippine military-and are free to “return fire if fired upon.” Already more troops have been lost there than in Afghanistan.

       Bush emphasized that not every military mission would be obvious-and not every strike against terrorism would have a military component. “This war on terror is so unconventional that there will be strikes that people may not see until we tell them that there’s been a strike,” he said. These statements lay the basis to explain away any exposure of U.S. actions. They’re portraying themselves as caring parents to children who don’t know what’s good for them-and shouldn’t know too much.

      The U.S. is no longer just threatening “terrorists and those who harbor terrorists.” Now, Bush has announced his government is preparing war against a whole new category of countries-any “regimes that seek chemical, biological or nuclear weapons”-and they changed their nuclear policy to allow first-use. It seems any other country is prohibited from increasing their arsenal and the U.S. will use its to prevent them.

      It’s important to remember the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”-a fairy tale of North Vietnamese aggression manufactured by the U.S. to gain congressional and social acceptance of their plans for domination there. Stay tuned as new “fairy tales” are written for the future. (written by J)


The God Almighty Allah has warned us!


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Allah SWT says in Al Qur’an:

Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: “The Guidance of Allah that is the (only) Guidance.” Wert thou to follow their desires, after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither protector nor Helper against Allah. (120)

Those to whom We have sent the Book! study it as it should be studied; they are the ones that believe therein; those who reject faith therein the loss is their own. (121)

O Children of Israel! call to mind the special favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all others (for My Message). (122)

Then guard yourselves against a Day when one soul shall not avail another, nor shall compensation be accepted from her nor shall intercession profit her nor shall anyone be helped (from outside). (123)

And remember that Abraham was tried by his Lord with certain commands, which he fulfilled; He said: “I will make thee an Imam to the nations.” He pleaded: “And also (Imams) from my offspring!” He answered: “But my promise is not within the reach of evil-doers.”(124)

(Al Qur’an, Surah Al-Baqara, Verses 120 – 124)



       The Western mainstream media circus apply a policy of controlled news reporting on their domestic problems and at the same time they apply the lies and biased news reporting on international affairs especially on Islam, the Muslim World, the Middle East Conflict and international terrorism.

      The western Media circus’ biased news reporting are terrorizing people with unbalanced news and lies that create fear and xenophobia. Terror is the most dreaded weapon in modern age and the Western media is mercilessly using it against its own people.  It can add fear and helplessness in the psyche of the people of Europe and the United States. It means that what the enemies of the United States cannot do, its media is doing that.

       The Zionist-controlled Western Media circus‘ biased news reporting on Islam, the Muslim World, the Middle East conflict and international terrorism create fear and xenophobia. This situation leads to more xenophobia including Islamophobia in the US and the other Western Countries that influence not only the general public but also the government officials in the individual western countries.
        These media circus members that include electronic (TV Stations and Radios) and print media are the most powerful Hate Propaganda Machines Against Islam and the Muslim world!
        If the terrorist attack anywhere on this planet was perpetrated by a Muslim, Fox News, CNN, BBC AND THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE WESTERN MEDIA CIRCUS would be working overtime with breaking news almost every minute, COMPLETE SILENT or SO LITTLE IS SAID in the western media circus news reporting when the terrorists are Christian, Zionist, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist fundamentalists or extremists …They simply call the perpetrators as Right-wing extremists or right-wing nuts, paranoid schizophrenic persons or a deranged persons.


The West’s New Religion

        Robert Fisk in his article titled: “War on Terror is the West’s New Religionpublished on February 25, 2013 in Information Clearing Housesays Mohamed al-Zawahiri, younger brother of Osama bin Laden’s successor, Ayman, made a particularly intriguing statement in Cairo last month.

      Talking to that wonderful French institution Le Journal du Dimanche about Mali, he asked the paper to warn France “and to call on reasonable French people and wise men not to fall into the same trap as the Americans. France is held responsible for having occupied a Muslim country. She has declared war on Islam.” No clearer warning could France have received.

      And sure enough, one day later, suicide bombers attacked occupied Gao, while, exactly 10 days later, France lost its second soldier in Mali, shot dead by rebels in a battle in the Ifoghas mountain range. That’s where, according to the tired old rhetoric of President Hollande, there had been a battle with “terrorists” who were “holed up” in the area during an operation which was “in its last phase”.

       The phraseology is as wearying – you could listen to the same old wording in almost every US pronouncement during the Iraqi war – as is the West’s incomprehension of the new al-Qa’ida.
       Only Baroness Orczy’s Scarlet Pimpernel could match this. “They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere …” But who, exactly? The leader of which particular groupuscule of al-Qa’ida-inspired gunmen in Mali? Indeed, our lords and masters seem to have not the slightest idea who they are talking about. A few weeks ago, when many of us didn’t even known the name of the Malian capital – admit it, O readers – we were all under the impression that al-Qa’ida’s resurgence was in Iraq, where it’s back to almost daily suicide bombing against Shias.
      Then out came “al-Qa’ida scholar” (as his publishers call him) Gregory Johnsen with a book entitled The Last Refuge: Yemen, Al-Qaeda and the Battle for Arabia. Yes, folks, it was the Queen of Sheba’s ancient kingdom that had lured the hard guys; the book had not a single reference to Mali. And then – blow us all down – it turned out that the dodgy lads of al-Qa’ida were in northern Syria (see La Clinton and our own plucky little Foreign Secretary).

        Needless to say, we were back in Mali again on 12 February, when al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (headquarters supposedly Yemen, remember) were calling for jihad in Mali against the “crusaders”. Well, at least al-Qaida had narrowed down one of the European nations which really did participate in the original Crusades. The Western press, as usual, generally went along with this nonsensical narrative, quoting the usual mountebank “terrorist” specialists in London, Paris and all places West.
        Thank heavens, then, that we have Arab writers such as Abdel Bari Atwan – who knew the real Bin Laden better than any other journalist – with his volume After Bin Laden: Al-Qa’ida, the Next Generation. Atwan – admission: an old friend of mine –has structured exactly how al-Qa’ida metamorphosed after Bin Laden’s execution and recalled how in 2005 he received by email a document entitled “Al-Qa’ida’s strategy to 2020”, which contained seven “stages” towards a world Islamic caliphate.
       Stage one was to “provoke the ponderous American elephant into invading Muslim lands where it would be easier for the mujahideen to fight it”. Stage two: The Muslim nation wakes from its long sleep and is furious at the sight of a new generation of crusaders intent on occupying large parts of the Middle East and stealing its valuable resources.

      “The seeds of the hatred towards America that al-Qa’ida was banking on,” Atwan says, “were planted when the first bombs dropped on Baghdad in 2003.” In fact, as I outlined after the invasion, an oblique message from Bin Laden just before the Bush adventure – typically ignored by the CIA – actually urged al-Qa’ida members to co-operate with the hated Baathists against US forces.

        This was the first call from al-Qa’ida to collaborate with other groups – hence the plague of al-Qa’ida units which are fighting alongside other rebel organizations in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Mali and now Syria.
        Stage three is a NATO-al-Qa’ida conflict in a “triangle of horror … in Iraq, Syria and Jordan”. In part four, “Al-Qa’ida becomes a global network that … makes enfranchisement exceptionally easy”. In part five, the US military budget “is crashed into bankruptcy and economic meltdown ensues”. The sixth stage is the “overthrow of the hated Arab dictators.

        Finally, “the ultimate clash of civilizations and a mighty, apocalyptic battle”. Al-Zawahiri, by the way, is always quoting the Yale historian Paul Kennedy’s The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, which sees economic collapse as the basis for the collapse of empires.
        Al-Qa’ida’s failures exist: no movement at all in “Palestine”, supposedly the center of Bin Laden’s heart, and really no success in hedonistic Lebanon – although al-Qa’ida tried to stage an uprising in a northern Palestinian refugee camp and has its followers in the huge Ein al-Helwe camp in Sidon.
        Atwan has written a disturbing chapter on digital warfare – al-Qa’ida is, after all, now almost as adept at producing documentation as any newspaper – and talks of the possibility of a takeover of an air-traffic control system, nuclear facility, energy grid, you name it. And al-Zawahiri has taken a personal interest in Libyan energy. Disrupt the West’s oil flows. It’s already been tried in Saudi Arabia, of course.
        Atwan, less realistically, trundles out the 2008 Rand Corporation analysis of “how terror groups end”, a selection of CIA-type wish lists: all the leaders are “droned” or otherwise assassinated, splinter groups take over and break the movement, the group “joins the political process” (see “President” Hamid Karzai and the Taliban). Bin Laden had something to say about this.

      “You mention that British intelligence said that England [sic] would leave Afghanistan if al-Qa’ida promised not to target their interests,” he wrote in a letter to a soon-to-be “droned” commander a year before his own death (the British “deal” does have a cruel ring of truth). “Do not agree to anything … but without slamming the door.”
       Aha! So even Bin Laden would have settled for less than a world caliphate. I wonder if Hollande will one day receive a similar “deal” when his merry men have been burned in Mali? I suspect not. I still believe in that great John Wyndham tale, The Day of the Triffids. No one knew how the murky creatures, which visited all Earth with blindness, could be stopped. Until a lighthouse-keeper’s daughter, in a last desperate attempt to save her life, sprayed the wretched things with sea water. And they rotted in front of her.
        So why not stop spraying bombs and depleted uranium shells on the people of the Middle East? And stop sending our wretched armies to occupy Muslim lands – which is exactly what al-Qa’ida wants us to do – and stop bribing Arab leaders to crush their own people. Instead, can we not visit these sad lands with justice?

       Justice for the Palestinians, justice for the Kurds, justice for the Iraqi Sunnis, justice for the people of southern Lebanon, justice for the people of Kashmir. If the West put its mind to this real “crusade”, al-Qa’ida, like those pesky triffids, would disappear. The people who live in the Muslim world can then decide on their own “caliphate”.
         However, justice is not made of salt water, and our lords and masters still wish to govern the world, and there is not the slightest chance that they would risk their status, their reputations, their political futures, their lives on such an odd concept. “War on terror” remains the new religion of the West – and why not when the French Interior Minister declares that “there is an Islamic fascism rising everywhere”?
       Saddest of all is that we did not read the obvious message: that al-Qa’ida largely failed to hijack the Arab awakening; no picture of Bin Laden and no al-Qa’ida flag graced those millions who marched through the streets of Arab capitals. But no, now we peddle the myth that elected Islamist parties are subterfuge al-Qa’idas, that – deep down – the Islamic world really is in an eternal “clash of civilizations” with us, that we must fear them, hate them.
        And so the war goes on. What was it the splendid Leon Panetta – my favorite US Defense Secretary – said in Kabul 18 months ago? “We’re within reach of strategically defeating al-Qa’ida.” And in London a few days ago? He called for “relentless pressure” on the group. Did al-Qa’ida’s press office write this stuff for him? Or is there some dark, unspoken knowledge shared by both us and al-Qa’ida? That we both, in our souls, want the war to go on. (Robert Fisk is a multiple award-winning journalist on the Middle East, based in Beirut)


Who are the real bad guys?by Jodie Stephens

       If you believe the bigots, Muslims are Australia’s privileged minority.

They are slowly taking over the country through halal food and Islamic prayer.

       The effects of September 11, the Bali bombings, and attacks that followed, continue to ripple through Australian society. Now, with each terrorist attack, you can expect prejudiced, inflammatory diatribes from the usual suspects. Alan Jones, for example, shocked no one following April’s Boston bombings when he used it as reason to ban foreign students coming to Australia.

       But in the wake of the Woolwich attack last month, in which a British soldier was killed on a London street by two Islamic extremists, it has been more disturbing to see the Muslim slander hasn’t been confined to shock jocks.

     It has bled into my social circle. Social media posts from good friends, who have always been open- minded and compassionate, have taken an anti-Muslim slant. Medical professionals, teachers and social workers, who abhor racism and homophobia, somehow think portraying Muslims as terrorists is OK.

      Equally concerning is the lack of reaction to these posts – barely a digital shrug. This stands in stark contrast to any discriminatory comments posted following the abuse of Adam Goodes at a football game last weekend, when any racist commenters were quickly questioned, criticised and pulled into line.

      The existence of halal food does not equal a privileged minority. According to a Newcastle University study published in 2011, the unemployment rate of Muslim Australians between 19 and 24 years old is 18 per cent, compared to 9 per cent of non- Muslims. Once Muslim men reach the age of 65, they are four times more likely to be unemployed. This, despite the fact they are more likely to have a university degree.

      There’s also the fear, isolation and vulnerability. In 2003, the Human Rights Commission reported that Australian Muslim women were afraid to walk their children to school for fear of being abused, spat on or mocked. In a survey conducted by the commission, Australian Muslims told of having stones thrown at them, dogs set upon them, cars driven at them, and being physically grabbed and assaulted in supermarkets.

      Overall, it paints a pretty bleak picture for a community that is overwhelmingly peaceful. And in victimising them, we create the best possible opportunity for Islamic extremists. A report released by the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies in 2009 suggested Muslims were more likely, through discrimination and economic disadvantage, to feel isolated from Australian society, leading to higher rates of crime and imprisonment, and potentially leading to religious and non- religious radicalism.

       So, it’s up to us then – we play a role too. Not through ignorant campaigns against Muslims converting people through halal food and Islamic prayer in schools, but through support, education, compassion and understanding.

       You may not agree. But next time you criticise and judge an entire community, ask yourself who the real bad guy is.


True terrorist, or fall guy for failing system?by Tamana Daqiq


        I have been closely involved in the ordeal over the past three years of my relative Milad Al-Ahmadzai, the 23-year-old who appeared in Burwood Court a week ago charged with threatening serious harm to a Commonwealth official. I write to give voice to the anguish and drowned cries of his heartbroken mother and pregnant wife, and also as a duty to the Australian public, who have a right to know the truth.

       On the day that the government was questioned about the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation’s budget hike, Commonwealth officials conveniently leaked information to the media of the arrest of someone they had described as a “firebrand jihadist” with “demonstrated links” to terrorists. This was enough to cause a media frenzy at Burwood Court on Tuesday, with reporters and sketch artists taking front-row seats in the courtroom gallery.

       Despite the allegations made against him, the media, the public and even our Prime Minister – who proudly announced Al-Ahmadzai’s arrest in Parliament this week, in breach of suppression orders – have failed to recognize that to date no such evidence has been presented by the Commonwealth, nor has Al-Ahmadzai been charged with any acts of terrorism or terrorism-related activities.

       Instead, Al-Ahmadzai has been the subject of ongoing harassment and interrogation by Commonwealth officials who have had him under 24-hour surveillance since he was 19-years-old for posting an “anti-government” comment online.

       And to what end? To arrest him four weeks after a threatening telephone call to a Commonwealth official made in a moment of sheer frustration. Frustration for having no privacy, for being ostracised from his family and friends, for being branded a terrorist without cause or evidence in the land where he was born.

       Al-Ahmadzai is recorded as saying, “Come near my family again, I’m gonna slit your throat”. While his choice of words is obviously inappropriate, I believe it falls short of warranting him the title of “firebrand jihadist”. Rather, it seems this telephone call is a desperate plea to be left alone.

        Had the threat been imminent, Al-Ahmadzai should have been arrested shortly after the telephone call was made. By virtue of their position such Commonwealth officials are “invisible”, rendering the warning made by the government to our troops this week to remain on “high alert” obsolete.

       If this is the height of the government’s painstaking three-year investigation of an alleged home-grown terrorist, then they have undoubtedly failed miserably. They have failed to distinguish between real, imminent threats to national security and disenfranchised youth. Failed to spend tax payers’ money responsibly. And now failed to convince the public with their lame justification.

      The reality is that Al-Ahmadzai poses no real threat. The only apparent evidence of his alleged “terrorism” so far is that he fits the stereotype: he is Muslim; has a long, black beard; doesn’t agree with Australian foreign policy and is not afraid to say so. He is passionate and perhaps a bit of a loud mouth. He is the perfect scapegoat for the government’s failures.

       The length and scope of the investigations are quite telling. With up to eight official government motor vehicles following Al-Ahmadzai at any one time – often to find him visiting his local McDonald’s – no doubt Commonwealth officials were left frustrated and in dire need to justify their budget.

       Interviewing his friends and family in the hope of demonstrating his terrorism only to find that he is a “caring”, “loving” and “considerate” young man, happily married and expecting a child, fuelled not only the frustration but also the cost. The longer the investigations carried on without success, the more vigilant officials became in trying to justify their investigation.

       Meanwhile, Chinese computer hackers were stealing vital blueprints of ASIO headquarters. In the wake of recent events in Britain, Commonwealth officials saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

       Al-Ahmadzai’s timely arrest on Monday is nothing short of a sly attempt by government officials to justify three years of wasted tax payers’ money on a young man who just wants to get on with his life. A young man who is excitedly anticipating the arrival of his first-born. A young man who is pained by the anguish of his mother and his young wife. A young man who has been isolated, ostracised and who is now the subject of another ploy in the government’s fear-mongering campaign to win the vote on national security.

Muslim and Jewish leaders unite to combat hatredby Rabbi Marc Schneier

        Secretary of State John Kerry performed an important public service on May 20 by personally announcing the release of the U.S. State Department’s 2012 Report on Religious Freedom, which contains the disturbing findings that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are on the rise in countries around the world.

      Bad news is never welcome, yet Secretary Kerry deserves praise for highlighting the dangerous growth of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim bigotry and for making a compelling case that both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are closely related pathologies that should be opposed by people of conscience everywhere.

       The State Department’s linking of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia is not a new development. From early in the Obama Administration, Hannah Rosenthal, former Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, and Farah Pandith, the Special Representative to Muslim Communities, made frequent joint public appearances to show that Jews care about Islamophobia and Muslims about anti-Semitism.

      The State Department’s sobering report makes clear why it is that despite disagreements on aspects of the Middle East conflict, Jews and Muslims need to stand united against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.

      The report showed that anti-Semitism is increasing in the Middle East and parts of Europe and South America, while anti-Muslim bigotry is growing across Europe and parts of Asia. It showcased notorious expressions of anti-Semitism by government officials and religious leaders, particularly in Venezuela, Egypt and Iran, while noting the rise of anti-Semitic xenophobic movements in European countries like Hungary, Greece and Ukraine.

    It also showed that anti-Muslim mass movements are growing in European and East Asian countries, and that some countries have placed onerous restrictions on freedom of expression by Muslims such as banning the wearing of headscarves and the building of minarets.

     “Holocaust denial and glorification remained troubling themes, and opposition to Israeli policy at times was used to promote or justify blatant anti-Semitism,” the report said. “When political leaders condoned anti-Semitism, it set the tone for its persistence and growth in countries around the world.”

     On the issue of Islamophobia the report specified: “Government restrictions, which often coincided with societal animosity, resulted in anti-Muslim actions that affected everyday life for numerous believers. The impact ranged from education, to employment, to personal safety within communities.”

      This week, June 4-5, The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the Islamic Society of North America will co-sponsor a Mission to Washington of Muslim and Jewish Leaders from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The Mission is expected to be especially transformative for South Africa; opening lines of communication between key Muslim and Jewish leaders in a country where there has been a complete breakdown of relations between the two communities.

       Since 2007, FFEU has helped bring together Jewish and Muslim organizational leaders in the U.S. and Europe who had previously never talked to each other. Each November, thousands of grass roots Muslims and Jews around the world take part in our Weekend of Twinning, during which members of synagogues and mosques in more than 25 countries hold joint programs.

       In 2009, we sponsored a Mission to Washington of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders and in 2012, a Mission to Washington of Latin American Muslim and Jewish Leaders to give high-level participants from both communities the opportunity to learn about the “American model” of Muslim-Jewish relations. The European leaders have since held conferences in Brussels and Paris to develop a continent-wide coalition against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, and to combat growing legislative and judicial efforts in European countries to ban religious practices central to both Islam and Judaism such as circumcision and ritual slaughtering. Latin American Jewish and Muslim leaders will be taking part in our upcoming Weekend of Twining.

       Our approach to building Muslim-Jewish ties around the world has been successful both because it is morally just and because it is in the interest of both communities. In the U.S, and Europe, prominent Jewish leaders have played an important role in recent years in countering demagogic campaigns to demonize the vast majority of decent and loyal Muslims for the terrible crimes of a few terrorists. Meanwhile, courageous Muslim leaders have spoken out against Holocaust denial; in the process helping to combat anti-Semitic extremism in their own community.

       The hard truth is both Jews and Muslims are imperiled in many parts of the world. We are most effective in confronting these dangers by pooling our efforts and truly becoming our brother’s keeper. In the process, we are instrumental in sharply limiting fear and resentment of the “Other” in our respective communities and in the diverse societies in which Jews and Muslims live side by side. The time for action is now. (HSH)



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