NODISINFO.COM: THIS IS HOW MOSSAD ORCHESTRATES COUP IN EGYPT describes how Mossad and CIA Orchestrate Coup in Egypt – Proof

MossadIt was the Mossad and its proxy agents in the CIA which orchestrated the coup in Egypt, not a popular uprising backed by the military. Any military involvement in such a coup was mere an extension of the Mossad crime through it collaborators in the U.S. government-backed Egyptian military. In a Kermit Roosevelt-style fake protest act, the same kind that led to the toppling of the democratically elected government of Iran, 1956 (Mohammed Mossadeq), the legitimate government of Egypt was toppled by force and also through coercion and deceit.

Moreover, it was done strictly by Zionist Jews, as will be shown, here.

Can no one see it? It is all a scam. Protests: who could possibly believe that 22 million people suddenly flooded the streets of Egypt out of nowhere, considering that at least half the population still supports Morsi. Where is the proof for such protests: where, where, where? Pictures? Live video cams: 22 million people wouldn’t be difficult to miss. Moreover, can the pictures be confirmed to be from this time? Live video cam is the most reliable source. Even so, what does that have to do with a military coup, essentially occurring of July? Numerology and Satanism, anyone?

Disguised as sayanim moles and also not so well disguised, the Jews were on the ground fomenting the corruption. This is Egypt; see the flag in the background, but what is in the foreground is most important. It is a Zionist Jew holding an anti-Morsi and for the attempted credibility an anti-American placard:

Nice patent leather shoes. Regardless, does anyone know an Egyptian in the world who would design such a protest? “Obama, you jerk,” is strictly Western, even Israeli, slang. “Hey Obama…”, broken Egyptian English?  Zoomed in, it can be seen he is a Mossad operative:


The eyes and nose are surely a give-away of this Kazarian mole, as, of course, the forehead, hair, and surely the skin. He is a Jew, no question about it, and not even an Egyptian one. The placard, too, is a give-away, proving his real nature, that is that in no way is he a disgruntled Egyptian citizen but is rather an invader, a Mossad agent from the Zionist strip:


The security of Israel: is there need for any proof other than this? Plus, the derogatory statement about Obama, whether contrived or real: there are numerous rabid Zionist Jews who hate Obama for not being more brutal in his murder campaign against the Muslims.


This is a Jew complaint with a Jewish message-style crude ‘humor.’ Their hate and rage seethes through the lines. With a mere cursory additional investigation another Kazarian mole was found, this time covered under the darkness of night:
He is clearly a Jewish mole; there is no other possibility. See the smirk. He knows the Zionist plot is well in place to destroy the democratically elected government. Just as Morsi was cleaning out the corruption, the Zionists brought it back in by installing once again a corrupt, well-bribed dictatorial ruler.

Here is the same Jew, again, lightened up:


The counter-revolutionary tactic

A common ploy, to give the relatively feeble group of demonstrators credibility they uphold an anti-Western stance, drawing aim to specific individuals–never prominent Jews or Israelis but instead “the President” and his “staff.” This is the standard tact of Jewry: never be confused by it. These men are not anti-Obama, rather, they are anti-Islam and Muslim. Yet, who are these people in the foreground? And how are they related to any real events on the ground, real revolutionary actions by the people. This is no protest. Rather, it is a hoax:

What a group of nefarious characters they are, all moles and spies. The man in the center is likely a Sayanim Egyptian Jew:

Who is that other mole behind him? He has every appearance of a CIA operative:


Look at him, and look at him, again. Does he look like any Egyptian person you have ever seen? Then, there is that individual in the, another likely agent of some kind. The man in the grey cap has every appearance of a secretive CIA agent, scum of the earth. He is Western, no occidental.

In all manner of dealings with Egyptians this author has never seen such a wide range of brazen display of cursing and crudity in the public face.

Moreover, the use of the term “bitch” is surely not a comfortable one for the vast majority of Egyptians, in protestation or otherwise.

Why would anyone other than a Zionist Jew make such signs/placards, such as this inane one, below? Do Egyptians really care about causing America to wake up on such a basis, to such a degree as to carry around this type of signage? Who finds it believable?

Then, if there was ever need for additional proof of the categorical Zionist machinations it is this Israeli-orchestrated sign. Surely, there was Rothschild-Soros money involved in the creation of this display:

Note that ever-present Zionist “pro-Democracy group” slogan: civil state through “freedom and social justice.” Not an Egyptian term, that is social justice, strictly a Soros-Zionist Jew corruption.

Mr. Shiha-Eldin has some questions about the logo for one of Egypt’s so-called opposition groups:

It is all an act, yet it is a devious and wicked one that will continue to result in endless oppression, summary arrests, brutal oppression, torture, and the wanton murder of the innocent. Now that the Mossad is in full control the worst could be expected, car bombs blowing up virtually everywhere, summary executions, corruption to the extreme, and vast blood flowing in the streets. It is called upon the Egyptian people to stand in solidarity with their duly elected President, Mohammed Morsi, and to fight the Zionist schemes and plots with all their might.

Stop terrorism? For the desperately oppressed and impoverished people of Egypt the only way to do so is to crush all Zionist plots and to remove their thieving diabolical hands from the Egyptian nation, by any means necessary.

Does anyone really believe that these are the key issues for Egyptians, to take the time to create such banners: who cares about what Obama supports? People care about themselves and their own issues, the issues of their families, their potential and their future, not about Obama’s policies. This is all orchestrated, best to expose it now instead of decades later.

A protest, really?

And what kind of alternative is this? There would be truth on the streets of Egypt with one minor alteration: to change the name of Morsi in the dictator claim to al-Sisi.


Al-Sisi was born in Cairo on 19 November 1954.[2] He graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy in 1977.[3] He attended the following courses:

  • General Command and Staff Course, Egyptian Command and Staff College, 1987
  • General Command and Staff Course, Joint Command and Staff College, United Kingdom, 1992
  • War Course, Fellowship of the Higher War College, Nasser’s Military Sciences Academy, Egypt, 2003
  • War Course, US Army War College, United States, 2006

Red flag and more: US Army War College? Nasser’s Military Science Academy? al-Sisi is the polar opposite of Morsi and is surely an embedded American/Zionist agent.



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