by Syarif Hidayat

The Israeli occupation regime is resorting to false pretexts to launch fresh aggression against the Palestinian people, a political analyst tells Press TV. “This is a Zionist campaign to escalate the suppression of the Palestinian people and they are using every device they can to provoke a response to provide a further justification for a new and more drastic repression and invasion,” said Ralph Schoenman, author of Hidden History of Zionism from Berkeley, in a Press TV interview.

The motto of Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, is, according to recently defected Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”
That motto describes more than the modus operandi of the world’s most ruthless and feared organization of professional assassins and espionage agents; it really describes the modus vivendi of an entire race. It is necessary to understand that fact before one can hope to understand fully the role of the Jews in national and world affairs.

The concept of a race eternally at war with the rest of the world is alien to us. It is difficult to believe or even to grasp. When we examine such a concept and begin sifting the evidence it is easy to become confused. On the one hand we have the Old Testament injunctions to the Hebrews from their tribal god, speaking through their prophets, to annihilate every Gentile nation over which they gain power: “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.” (Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16)

“You have to keep in mind that the fundamental character of the Zionist invasion and occupation of Palestine was the massacre of its people and the destruction of 475 towns and villages which were razed to the ground and reduced to rubble,” Schoenman noted.

He pointed to the recent kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers by unknown elements that triggered Israel’s new aggressions across the occupied territories and said, “Every bit of the Israeli representation of this event is a lie.” The analyst noted that after the three boys were kidnapped, the Israeli police were informed through a phone call on June 12 that the teenagers were dead, but Tel Aviv pretended that the boys were still alive to provide the rationale for the new wave of aggression and invasion.

The Israeli regime stepped up raids on Palestinians as part of a search operation for three Israeli settlers it claimed had disappeared on June 12.
The settlers’ bodies were discovered in a field near the village of Hilhul, north of the city of al-Khalil, in the occupied West Bank on June 30. The Tel Aviv regime attacked the besieged Gaza Strip and areas in the West Bank hours after the bodies were found.

Israel claims Palestinian resistance movement Hamas is responsible for the deaths, but Hamas rejects the allegation. In what is believed to be a revenge attack for the three settlers, a 17-year-old Palestinian teenager, Mohamed Abu Khdeir, was killed by Israeli settlers earlier this week. Israeli forces also shot dead a Palestinian teenager during a raid on the Jenin refugee camp in northern West Bank on July 1.

Israeli settler kidnapping false flag operation

false-flag-warning1Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman, author of Hidden History of Zionism from Berkeley, about Israeli plan to demolish dozens of houses belonging to Palestinians in the West Bank. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview:

Press TV: First of all this act of punitive demolition has been used by Israel in the past as well against the Palestinians and they have brought it up again as we are seeing more and more homes get demolished in the coming days. What do you make of this action? It is against international law but what does the Israeli regime hope to achieve from this?

Schoenman: Well you have to keep in mind that the fundamental character of the Zionist invasion and occupation of Palestine was the massacre of its people and the destruction of 475 towns and villages which were razed to the ground and reduced to rubble. That is the Nakba. That is the devastation of Palestine by the colonial occupation of the Zionist movement.

What we are witnessing now has a very specific dynamic. Just recently on July 1 Mondoweiss which is a progressive Israeli publication disclosed that all the time that Israeli military and police were maintaining that they wanted to find the boys and were mobilizing public opinion for this ruthless invasion of the West Bank with the killing of five Palestinians and the arrest of hundreds of other Palestinians and the destruction of home after home, all this was done with the knowledge in advance by the Israelis that these Israeli youth were in fact dead.

In fact on June 12 immediately after the presumptive kidnapping, the police received a call from one of the Israeli youngsters and shots were fired while the telephone call was on and they concluded that these boys were in the hands of others who were harming them. There is no evidence that they were Palestinian. On July 25, Mondoweiss disclosed that the Israelis knew that the boys were dead but lied and continued to maintain the fiction that they did not know where they were, that they were hoping that they could be found and liberated and the entire occupation and destruction in the West Bank was based upon this fiction and this lie.

We have to bear in mind what this is really about because it has been declared by Peres, Netanyahu and Lieberman that the West Bank must retain Israeli security right up to the Jordan river that there will never be any form of self-determination or any Palestinian authority representation in the West Bank and further more that Gaza has to be reclaimed, invaded and destroyed. This is really what the dynamic of this is. This operation with these youngsters who have been used by the Israeli military for all we know is a false flag operation. All the signs and indications are just that.

One thing is a hundred percent certain. Every bit of the Israeli representation of this event is a lie. The boys were dead and they knew it, they were witness to it and they lied about it and pretended they were still alive to provide the rationale for this invasion and occupation which is ongoing and it has been escalated as we speak. This is what we have to bear in mind. This is a Zionist campaign to escalate the suppression of the Palestinian people and they are using every device they can to provoke a response to provide a further justification for a new and more drastic repression and invasion.

Press TV: Mr. Schoenman, as you have just pointed out what we know about these three Israeli settlers that were found dead just a few days ago is only a version of events presented by Israel. There is no proof of anything presented so far. However as this plan, this false flag operation as you have called it, goes ahead with punitive demolitions, killing more Palestinians, more bombardment of the Gaza Strip and threats against Hamas, how do you see this silence on the part of the international community and letting Israel get on with it as part of basically allowing this to happen?

Schoenman: Well we have to be clear as we have often discussed that the major capitalist and imperialist powers deployed the Zionist … [entity] as a shock troop against the peoples of the region to further imperial aims, to fragment each country, to destroy the sovereign nations that are in the region and to prepare for further imperial predations and underlying all this is the intent to remove the Palestinian people from their land and from history.

Wherever they are driven out, in whatever refugee camp, in whatever arena, they are further attacked, further destroyed and further targeted …This has been ongoing on an escalated basis, it does not stop. United Nations is implicated, the major powers are implicated. The apologia for the status quo are constantly succumbing this and supporting it and providing cover for it. That is the reality.

There has to be on the part of the people of Palestine and all those who defend self-determination and rights of peoples, a resistance, a struggle to remove the Zionist … [entity] from its own occupation of all of Palestine just as in the case with South Africa, with the French and Algeria. The anti-colonial revolution is crystallized in the faith of the Palestinian people and that struggle cannot be resolved no matter how much repression is visited by the Israelis, time and the logic of the history are against them. The people of Palestine will resist and everybody who has any understanding of rights of people will support them.

Western terror’s flags of convenience

false-flagFinian Cunningham in his article titled: “Western terror’s flags of convenience,” writes Israeli forces bombing Syria and Palestine, US military advisors returning to Iraq, Western Special Forces ‘aiding’ Nigeria, and Washington threatening Russia over Ukrainian violence – all are being conducted under flags of convenience, that is, false pretenses. In recent weeks, five Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli occupation forces, nearly 400 others arrested and whole towns in the occupied West Bank have been put under lockdown. The pretext for this renewed Israeli state terror campaign on the Palestinian people is the apparent abduction of three Jewish teenagers. The whereabouts of the Israeli youths is unknown. It is feared that they may have already been killed and the Israeli regime knows this.

But that has not stopped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from unleashing military assaults on the whole Palestinian population – with the silent complicity of Western governments. This is a grossly disproportionate use of violence as collective punishment against civilians by the Israelis – a crime against humanity. But the Israelis are getting away with this cynical opportunity to militarize and subjugate the Palestinian people even more under the guise of “rescuing teenagers.”

This deception has echoes of the mass abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria last month. No sooner had the shadowy insurgent group Boko Haram – which is linked to Saudi finance and therefore Western intelligence – kidnapped a group of over 200 teenage girls in northern Nigeria when Western governments were rushing to send Special Forces into the West African country to supposedly track down the culprits. Incongruously, Israel’s Netanyahu was also foremost in offering Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan the “benefit” of his military forces.

Just like the case of the missing Israeli teenagers, a “flag of convenience” involving an emotive cover story is found for the purpose of furthering a geopolitical agenda – either the remilitarization of Palestinian territory and the smashing up of the nascent unity government between Hamas and Fatah, or the infiltration of resource-rich West Africa with Western military forces. Another flag of convenience this week was the Israeli ground and air assault on Syrian territory from the illegally occupied Golan Heights. Israeli forces effectively committed an act of war on a sovereign state – yet again – after a “teenage Israeli boy” was killed by a rocket allegedly fired from Syrian army positions. The young victim was named as Muhammad Karaka, aged 12, originally from Galilee, according to the Israeli publication Debkafile.

Debkafile goes on to reveal the real purpose of the disproportionate criminal response from the Israeli forces – “a boost for the rebel bid for Quneitra.”

For the past two months, the southwestern Syrian town of Quneitra has been the scene of a standoff battle between the Syrian army and anti-government insurgents. The insurgents are mainly linked to the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra Front, according to political analyst Christof Lehmann. The Nusra Front has at times been involved in deadly turf wars with the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). But both these organizations are united by their core Wahhabi extremist ideology, Saudi and Qatari financing, and covert military support from Washington and its allies, including Britain, France and Israel. The other unifying bond between al-Nusra and ISIS is their purpose of terrorizing Syria into regime change for Western geopolitical objectives.

Thus a flag of convenience of a dead Muslim boy whose family lives under Israeli occupation (cynically described as an ‘Israeli teenager’) allows the Israeli military to attack a sovereign country for the aim of furthering a Western-backed covert war of aggression that involves the deployment of al-Qaeda-linked terror networks. In case we need reminding, the al-Qaeda-linked “Islamic extremists” are supposed to be what the whole Western so-called War on Terror of invading foreign countries, like Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan ongoing, is all about.

That brings us to the current ISIS insurgency in Iraq. From nowhere, it seems, this group is threatening to overthrow an entire country in a matter of days, which has prompted the US to interpolate itself again in a territory that it destroyed under a nine-year criminal war of occupation. US Secretary of State John Kerry was in Baghdad this week vowing “sustained, intense support” to the Iraqi government to defeat ISIS. Some 300 American military advisors are to be dispatched to Iraq, and there are plans for US assassination drones and air strikes to be deployed. Yet, recent reports confirm what several others have already established: that Washington and its NATO allies, along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, have been training, funding and directing the ISIS mercenaries from secret bases in Jordan and Turkey over the past three years.

American-sponsored ISIS is threatening Iraq (after recently being thwarted in the regime-change operation in neighboring Syria) and now America is supposedly falling over itself to “help” Iraq fight this same group. Again, this is a ludicrous flag of convenience to hide the ulterior objective of Washington returning to meddle in Iraq and the region, which the Americans have already destroyed many times over with their criminal imperialistic predations.

This same predatory imperialism is at work in Ukraine, where the US and its NATO allies have been stoking a civil war in order to destabilize Russia. The Western-installed fascist regime in Kiev is murdering civilians in the south and east of the country – despite a nominal “ceasefire” being declared this week. This regime is getting away with mass murder because of Washington’s sponsorship and yet Washington is blaming Moscow for “inciting the violence.” If this violence that Washington is fuelling does not stop, then the Americans and their servile European allies will slap more economic sanctions on Russia. How’s that for brazen self-fulfilling logic?

From Palestine to Syria, Nigeria to Iraq and to Ukraine, a veritable armada of false flags are at full mast. The Western mainstream media, of course, “report” each case separately and at superficial face value, according to the desired pretext and purpose of their governments. But taken together and properly understood, there can be no doubt that the flags represent one banner: Western state terrorism.

Mossad-led violence lets Israel play victim

israel_mossad_false_flag_terrorismPress TV has conducted an interview with Eli Joseph James, a radio host from Chicago, about Israel’s escalation of airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, which is provoking a third intifada by Palestinians.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Where is this headed, do you think we’re going to be headed towards another war on Gaza or how do you see this situation as it appears to be escalating?

James: Yes I think so. People have to understand that the Israelis for the longest time have followed the principle of controlled opposition – And by that I mean hiring thugs to pretend to be your enemy.

They hire these thugs to attack fellow Jews or to attack allies of the Israelis and then blame it on Islamic rebels or blame it on whoever they want to blame at the proper time. For example, Hamas is actually a creation of the MOSSAD. Thanks to the MOSSAD – and let me quote by Hassan Zerughi of Israel’s Institute of Intelligence and Special Tasks, that Hamas was allowed to reinforce it presence in the occupied territories. Meanwhile Arafat’s Fatah Movement for National Liberation as well as the Palestinian left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression and intimidation.

And according to Zeev Sternhell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organization. So what we have here is an Orwellian tactic being used by the Israelis that goes well back to control of the world’s finances by the Rothschilds.

Press TV: You talked about Hamas is a creation of the MOSSAD, but on the other hand we saw that Hamas won the election in the Gaza strip and then after that we saw unbelievable punishment inflicted on Hamas and inflicted on the people of Gaza since that time. So, please what is the connection?

James: You have to understand the deceptive nature of Israeli politics. The motto of the MOSSAD is “By deception make war”. We have exactly the same thing happening in Ukraine where actually several Jews including Abraham Foxman of America’s Anti-Defamation League admitting that Jewish MOSSAD agents were orchestrating the violence against the Yanukovych regime – which was duly elected – and they blame it on the Nazis when in fact all of the violence was orchestrated by Israeli agents slipping on Nazi uniforms and pretending to be Nazis.

This is how the Israelis operate and the world needs to understand that this is what the Israelis actually do.

Press TV: Now what with this situation? If this actually goes into a full-fledged war again in the Gaza Strip?

James: What the Israelis are doing Is instigating violence, pretending that they’re the victims when in fact they’re the instigators.

And by pretending to be the victim they try to get sympathy from various government organizations around the world, but again this is what’s called “controlled opposition”. They are actually instigating the violence by using proxies, pretending to be Islamists, pretending to be Nazis; pretending to be this pretending to be that. This is the true nature of Israeli terrorism that’s going in the world today.

Palestinians have no choice but a new Intifada

Logo-designPress TV has conducted an interview with Hani al-Bassous, professor of political science at the Islamic University of Gaza, about the Palestinian political factions including Hamas calling for a third Intifada to stop the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: First of all, do you think that there is now a major threat to Israel by a third Intifada that could actually happen?

Al-Bassouss: Well, I think based on the situation we can witness on a daily basis in the West Bank where the Israeli army have arrested hundreds of Palestinian people. This ongoing abduction of the Palestinian population in the West Bank and the blockade on the Gaza Strip and the daily air strikes on the Gaza Strip and talking about silence of the international community, I think nothing has been left for the Palestinian people except having a new Palestinian Intifada. Establishing this fact, I think it is not something new. We had an intifada in 1987 and in 2000 and those intifadas and those uprisings were against the occupation and its own policy. Now we witness an escalation on the Israeli arbitration policy against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, in Jerusalem, in the Gaza Strip.

This offense is an ongoing offense. It does not stop. So, this is why Hamas is calling for a new Palestinian uprising, Intifada. It’s not only Hamas, I think most Palestinian political factions in Palestine are calling for such an Intifada to stop the Israeli illegal activities and to stop the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

Press TV: Since the issue of three Israelis and the manhunt taking place, a lot of observers were saying that this is threatening the unity government and the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. Do you agree that that is now certainly on the threat?

Al-Bassouss: Of course, it is. We had division in Palestine between the political parties for seven years and when we had the Palestinian unity government which was established only a few weeks ago, the occupation forces do not want, the Zionist entity do not want any unity in Palestine.
They do not want to see Hamas and Fatah – an Islamic Jihad – united against the occupation forces. So, they are using the pretext now that Israeli settlers have been kidnapped in the West Bank to jeopardize any Palestinian efforts towards unity. They want to stop the unity. They want to divide the Palestinian society.

The occupation, the Zionist occupation forces in Palestine want to divide the Palestinian community and the Palestinian political system. They want to end the Palestinian existence and they want to prolong the occupation. They want to keep the occupation as long as they can, but this would not happen as long as the Palestinian people standing in their own land. This would not happen as long as the Palestinian political and military factions still standing, resisting the occupation.

So, the situation has been tense and the situation is difficult. But I believe that the Palestinian people would come out, would come up and stand against the occupation because nothing has left for the Palestinian people except the agony and except the clashes against the occupation. Life has been difficult for people under occupation and I believe people will stand against the occupation as long as it takes, as long as it calls the Palestinian people. They will stand against the occupation. (HSH)


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