Israel attack on Gaza claims more lives: The death toll from the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip hits 270.

Israel attack on Gaza claims more lives: The death toll from the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip hits 270.


by Syarif Hidayat

The Zionists always do everything “by way of deception” including orchestrating a ceasefire in Gaza with the help of Egypt’s El-Sisi regime in one of its efforts to deceive Palestinians and the world that Israel will end the aggression against Gaza, but in reality this Zionist entity is launching major ground attacks against the poorly defended Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza. In the Gaza aggression, the Zionist forces apply this Mossad Motto of “By Way of Deception.”

Hamas rejects truce. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said in response to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal that his movement would not accept any truce that excludes the conditions set by the Palestinian groups and people.
Fawzi Barhoum stated that the ceasefire will not be agreed if Israel doesn’t meet Palestinian demands. Ismail Haniyeh, former of Palestinian Prime Minister on Al-Aqsa TV stated that Israel started the war by targeting civilians, especially women and children. “We would like to emphasize that we never start a fight but they (the Israelis) who have started and announced it, then started killing children, women and slaughtering families,” said Haniya.

The motto of Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, is, according to recently defected Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” That motto describes more than the modus operandi of the world’s most ruthless and feared organization of professional assassins and espionage agents; it really describes the modus vivendi of an entire race. It is necessary to understand that fact before one can hope to understand fully the role of the Jews in national and world affairs.

The concept of a race eternally at war with the rest of the world is alien to us. It is difficult to believe or even to grasp. When we examine such a concept and begin sifting the evidence it is easy to become confused. On the one hand we have the Old Testament injunctions to the Hebrews from their tribal god, speaking through their prophets, to annihilate every Gentile nation over which they gain power: “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.” (Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16)

“By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”

false-flag-warning1The Mossad (Hebrew: הַמוֹסָד‎, IPA: [ha moˈsad]; Arabic: الموساد‎, al-Mōsād; literally meaning “the Institute”), short for HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim (Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים‎, meaning “Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations”; Arabic: الموساد للاستخبارات والمهام الخاصة‎ al-Mōsād lil-Istikhbārāt wal-Mahāmm al-Khāṣṣah), is the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Mossad’s former motto, be-tachbūlōt ta`aseh lekhā milchāmāh (Hebrew: בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה‎) is a quote from the Bible (Proverbs 24:6): “For by wise guidance you can wage your war” (NRSV). The motto was later changed to another Proverbs passage: be-‘éyn tachbūlōt yippol `ām; ū-teshū`āh be-rov yō’éts (Hebrew: באין תחבולות יפול עם, ותשועה ברוב יועץ‎, Proverbs 11:14). This is translated by NRSV as: “Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security). The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism, as well as bringing Jews to Israel from countries where official Aliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities. Its director reports directly to the Prime Minister.

“The cynical ‘ceasefire’ chorus being sung by Israel and Egypt

Julie Webb-Pullman in her article titled “Why the Egyptian-Israel truce proposal falls on deaf ears” published in Middle East Monitor (MEMO) Wednesday, 16 July 2014, wrote “The cynical ‘ceasefire’ chorus being sung by Israel and Egypt is merely yet another movement in the well-orchestrated Israeli-Egyptian three-penny opera.” The way in which the ‘negotiations’ were carried out was more farce than finale – Egypt wrote the libretto for the Israeli impresario, leaving the Palestinians in the wings.

The terms themselves are a three-act charade. The Israeli-Egyptian duet omits any mention of the release of more than 50 Palestinian prisoners released in the 2011 Shalit swap who were re-detained during the recent West Bank ‘search’ for three missing Israeli settlers, a core Hamas demand.
Nor does it commit to either re-open the Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt, or to lift the crippling – and illegal – Israeli siege of Gaza, merely saying that “crossings shall be opened and the movement of persons and goods through (them) shall be facilitated once the security situation becomes stable on the ground.” Both of these are core demands of the entire Palestinian resistance – Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP and everyone in between.

Any ceasefire that does not change the fundamental paradigm, a hermetically-sealed Gaza and a ‘normal Israel,’ will garner only encore after encore, as every previous performance has done. Within three months of the 2012 ceasefire agreement, for instance, Israel had breached it 820 times. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported that just two mortar shells were fired from Gaza in the same period, causing little or no damage in Israel, and no Gazan rockets were fired. Not one. With odds of 820 – 2, it is no surprise that the Palestinians are wary of being house-managed towards another tragedy – although that may well be the subtext for the entire production.

By Way of Deception, Netanyahu justifies further aggression

netasisiBenjamin Netanyahu used the Palestinian rejection of the proposal to justify further aggression, saying at a press conference, “If Hamas continues to fire at Israel, Israel will have the international legitimacy to take action.” International legitimacy is exactly what the repertoire demands – but it is not to be found through recourse to the Israeli arsenal.

Both parties can gain security through legitimacy – but this would of course require that Israel observe and comply with international law. Palestinians have the same rights to security and self-determination within international law as do Israelis. Palestinians also have the right in international law to resist occupation. The UN documents archive contains hundreds of clear resolutions as to what is required of Israel and of Palestine. What is missing is the implementation of the vast majority of them.

As the multitude of Israeli breaches of UN resolutions and instruments demonstrate, Israel is a rogue state, not acting in good faith. This requires the international community to enter stage left, to enforce Israeli compliance with international norms, and to protect Palestinian rights, particularly from Israeli aggression.

The ‘legitimacy’ prompt would require Israelis to withdraw from all occupied territories, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 242. United Nations Peace Keepers could be deployed to guarantee the security of Palestinians and Israelis alike, if the international community is serious about its commitment to both a lasting ceasefire, and equal enjoyment of rights and security.

Israelis must also sing from the same song-sheet as the rest of the world, and act in accordance with all of the UN covenants, conventions, treaties and other instruments to which it is signatory. A direct result of this would be the immediate lifting of the siege of Gaza, which has been determined to constitute collective punishment, thus a breach of the fourth Geneva Convention.

The fundamental problem with the Egyptian libretto is that it does not address the root cause of the conflict – Israeli abuses of international law.
No proposal that perpetuates illegitimacy, however long and loudly sung, can drown out the pure, simple and sustained note of justice denied.

Israel’s ground invasion kills dozens of Gazans

TOPSHOTS-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-GAZA-CONFLICTDozens of Palestinian civilians have been killed as thousands of Israeli soldiers backed by tanks continue a ground invasion into the besieged Gaza Strip. Gaza health officials say nearly 30 Palestinians have been killed since the early stage of the ground invasion on Thursday, July 17, 2014. Sources say the majority of the victims are civilians including infants, children, women and the elderly.

Figures show nearly 300 Palestinians have already been killed since Israel began the air and sea offensive on July 8. More than 2,000 Gazans have been also injured in the ongoing assault so far. The UN says women and children make up a sizeable number of Palestinian fatalities caused by Israeli attacks on the besieged region.

Latest reports say both water and electricity supplies have been affected by the Israeli hostilities. Palestinian sources say the Israeli army has prevented technicians from making essential repairs to water supplies, while power has been cut off across a large part of the besieged enclave. This is while Israeli Occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the army is preparing for a significant expansion of its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu, who was speaking at a security cabinet meeting, said the assault is aimed at destroying tunnels dug by Palestinian fighters into Israel because they cannot be destroyed from the air. However, he admitted that there is no guarantee for a complete success of the operation. The Israeli security cabinet held its meeting on the eleventh day of airstrikes against Gaza. The security cabinet has also approved the draft of 18,000 new reserve soldiers, putting the total number at 66,000.

Israeli regime is using a “strange toxic gas” against Palestinians in its offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip, medics say.

Israeli regime is using a “strange toxic gas” against Palestinians in its offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip, medics say.

Israel uses strange toxic gas to kill Gazans

The Israeli regime is using a “strange toxic gas” against Palestinians in its offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip, medics say. On Friday, July 18, 2014, Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry in Gaza, said dozens suffered from suffocation on Thursday, July 17, 2014. “Dozens of Palestinians, including children, arrived at hospitals suffering from suffocation after inhaling a white poisonous gas fired by the Israeli army in the northern Gaza Strip and in the Shawkah neighbourhood near Rafah, to the south.”

Qudra urged Palestinians of the blockaded sliver “not to panic when they inhale the strange gas, [and] to protect themselves using tarpaulin coats or nylon clothes and to cover the doors, windows, and vents with a moist cloth to prevent air from leaking inside.” Israel’s incessant airstrikes and ground invasion have killed nearly 300 Palestinians since Tel Aviv started its latest round of offensive against Gaza on July 8. The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has been launching retaliatory attacks against Israel.

Dozens injured as Israeli forces storm al-Aqsa Mosque

371836_ Al-Aqsa MosqueDozens of people have been injured as Israeli forces attacked Palestinian protesters at the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem). This comes as violent clashes erupted in the al-Aqsa Mosque compound after armed Israeli forces stormed the holy site to disperse Palestinians protesting the war on Gaza. “Around 100 Israeli police officers stormed the al-Aqsa’s courtyards and assaulted worshippers,” media outlets quoted witnesses as saying, who also added that Israeli forces fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at Palestinian protesters.

Sources say more than 40 protesters were injured during the unrest. Thousands of Palestinian worshippers were forced to perform Friday, July 18, 2014 prayers outside the mosque compound because Israel has restricted access to al-Aqsa. The al-Aqsa Mosque has been the scene of clashes in recent months following frequent visits by Israeli settlers and officials to the holy site.

Israel is facing mounting pressure to rein in a spiraling wave of hate crimes by Israelis, mainly in the form of vandalism and graffiti targeting mosques and churches. This comes as Israeli authorities are systematically acting to change East al-Quds’ identity and character. A report published by the al-Aqsa Foundation in October, said the Israeli regime is planning to build a synagogue in the al-Aqsa Mosque compound as part of its efforts to further Judaize the occupied Palestinian territories.

Over the past decades, Israel has tried to change the demographic makeup of al-Quds by constructing illegal settlements, destroying historical sites, and expelling the local Palestinian population. Over half a million Israelis live in over 120 settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East al-Quds. The international community considers the settlements as illegal.(HSH)

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