Some of the Arab leaders could be easily fooled and finally deceived by the Imperialist and Zionist ploys into supporting their interests to sow discord among Muslim countries.

Some of the Arab leaders could be easily fooled and finally deceived by the Imperialist and Zionist ploys into supporting their interests to sow discord among Muslim countries.


by Syarif Hidayat

Facts speak for themselves correctly and objectively that some of the Arab leaders (kings, presidents, prime ministers and Sheikhs) including Egyptian military (coup) leaders, Libyan rebel leaders, Syrian rebels (ISIL, ISIS, Takfiri and Al Qaeda) leaders and Iraqi (ISIL, ISIS, Takfiri and Al Qaeda) rebels leaders are political baboons who could be easily fooled and finally deceived by the Imperialist and Zionist ploys into supporting their interests to sow discord among Muslim countries including demonizing Iran as a threat to the Arab world and intervening in the other Arab countries as well as make them fight each other at the expense of their own fellow countrymen … and the winners are the Zionist and Imperialist corporate world!

I am very sorry for my Arab brothers and sisters who have become victims of their easily western-fooled and corruptible leaders!

The Zionists always do everything “by way of deception” – the motto that was adopted from Mossad, especially in managing their relations with their surrounding neighbors – the Arab kings, presidents, premiers and sheikhs of the oil-rich Middle East and Gulf countries.

The motto of Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, is, according to recently defected Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”
That motto describes more than the modus operandi of the world’s most ruthless and feared organization of professional assassins and espionage agents; it really describes the modus vivendi of an entire race. It is necessary to understand that fact before one can hope to understand fully the role of the Jews in national and world affairs.

The concept of a race eternally at war with the rest of the world is alien to us. It is difficult to believe or even to grasp. When we examine such a concept and begin sifting the evidence it is easy to become confused. On the one hand we have the Old Testament injunctions to the Hebrews from their tribal god, speaking through their prophets, to annihilate every Gentile nation over which they gain power: “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.” (Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16)

The purpose of a Jew in business is to deceive the goy

Samuel Roth, in his book, “Jews Must Live. 1934” wrote: “My earliest knowledge of the Jewish attitude towards their gentile neighbors came from listening at our Inn to the stories of Jewish travelers (who stopped with us for a drink or a night’s lodging) about their business dealings with the goyim. To my innocent brain it appeared that the whole purpose of a Jew in business was to get the best of the goy. When the goy had been cheated business was good. When the Jew had just come out even, business was very bad indeed. For the greater the harm he had done in a business transaction with a goy, the deeper appeared the narrative delight of the Jew to whom I was listening. I could not help feeling towards the goyim some of the pity I had felt for Esau when he let out that bitter cry on discovering the duplicity of Jacob.”

Saudi Arabia and UAE are in bed with Israel

David Hearst in his article “Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment,” writes “There are many hands behind the Israeli army’s onslaught on Gaza. America is not unhappy that Hamas is getting such a beating. As footage of the scenes of carnage on the streets of Shejaiya was coming through, John Kerry said on NBC’s Meet the Presson Sunday that Israel had every right to defend itself and the US ambassador Dan Shapiro told Israel’s Channel 2 news that the US would seek to help moderate forces become stronger in Gaza, meaning the Palestinian Authority.

Nor is Egypt overcome with grief. Its foreign minister Sameh Shoukry held Hamas responsible for civilian deaths after their rejection of the ceasefire. Neither matter to Netanyahu as much as the third undeclared partner in this unholy alliance, for neither on their own could give him the cover he needs for a military operation of this ferocity. And that can come not from a handwringing but impotent parent like the US. Such permission can only come from a brother Arab.

The attack on Gaza comes by Saudi Royal Appointment. This royal warrant is nothing less than an open secret in Israel, and both former and serving defense officials are relaxed when they talk about it. Former Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz surprised the presenter on Channel 10 by saying Israel had to specify a role for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the demilitarization of Hamas. Asked what he meant by that, he added that Saudi and Emirati funds should be used to rebuild Gaza after Hamas had been defanged.

Amos Gilad, the Israeli defense establishment’s point man with Mubarak’s Egypt and now director of the Israeli defense ministry’s policy and political-military relations department told the academic James Dorsey recently : “Everything is underground, nothing is public. But our security cooperation with Egypt and the Gulf states is unique. This is the best period of security and diplomatic relations with the Arab.” The celebration is mutual. King Abdullah let it be known that he had phoned President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to approve of an Egyptian ceasefire initiative which had not been put to Hamas, and had the Jerusalem Post quoting analysts about whether a ceasefire was ever seriously intended.

Mossad and Saudi intelligence officials meet regularly: The two sides conferred when the former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was about to be deposed in Egypt and they are hand in glove on Iran, both in preparing for an Israel strike over Saudi airspace and in sabotaging the existing nuclear program. There has even been a well sourced claim that the Saudis are financing most of Israel’s very expensive campaign against Iran.

Saudi-Israeli alliance is forged in blood, Palestinian blood

Saudi Israeli alliance is forged in blood, Palestinian blood

Saudi Israeli alliance is forged in blood, Palestinian blood

Why do Saudi Arabia and Israel make such comfortable bedfellows? For decades each country has had a similar feeling in their gut when they look around them: fear. Their reaction was similar. Each felt they could only insure themselves against their neighbors by invading them (Lebanon, Yemen) or by funding proxy wars and coups (Syria, Egypt, Libya).They have enemies or rivals in common – Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Hamas in Gaza, and the Muslim Brotherhood. And they have common allies, too – the US and British military industrial establishments, Fatah strongman and US asset Mohammed Dahlan who tried to take over Gaza once, and will probably be at hand when next required.

The difference today is that for the first time in their two countries’ history, there is open co-ordination between the two military powers. Abdullah’s nephew Prince Turki has been the public face of this rapprochement, which was first signaled by the Saudi publication of a book by an Israeli academic. The prince flew to Brussels in May to meet General Amos Yadlin, the former intelligence chief who has been indicted by a court in Turkey for his role in the storming of the Mavi Marmara.

It could be argued that there is nothing sinister about Prince Turki’s wish to overcome ancient taboos that his motives are both peaceful and laudable. The prince is a staunch supporter of a laudable peace initiative proposed by the Saudi King Abdullah. The Arab Peace Initiative supported by 22 Arab States and 56 Muslim countries would indeed have been a basis for peace had Israel not ignored it some 12 years ago.

Prince Turki waxed lyrical about the prospect of peace in an article published by Haaretz. In it he wrote: “And what a pleasure it would be to be able to invite not just the Palestinians but also the Israelis I would meet to come and visit me in Riyadh, where they can visit my ancestral home in Dir’iyyah, which suffered at the hands of Ibrahim Pasha the same fate as Jerusalem did at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar and the Romans.”

Its the means, not the end, which expose the true cost of this alliance. Prince Turki’s promotion of the Arab Peace Initiative comes at the cost of abandoning the kingdom’s historical support of Palestinian resistance.
The well connected Saudi analyst Jamal Khashogji made this very point when he talked in coded language about the number of intellectuals who attack the notion of resistance: “Regrettably, the number of such intellectuals here in Saudi Arabia is higher than average. If such a trend continues it will destroy the kingdom’s honorable claim to support and defend the Palestinian cause since the time of its founder, King Abd Al-Aziz Al-Saud.”

Peace would indeed be welcome to everyone, not least Gaza at the moment. The means by which Israel’s allies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt are going about achieving it, by encouraging Israel to deal Hamas a crippling blow, calls into question what is really going on here. Turki’s father King Faisal bin Abdulaziz would be turning in his grave at what the son is putting his name to. This Saudi Israeli alliance is forged in blood, Palestinian blood, the blood on Sunday of over 100 souls in Shejaiya. (This article was first published by the Huffington Post).

The Arab Zionists and Gaza

Dr Daud Abdullah in his article titled “The Arab Zionists and Gaza,” published in the Middle East Monitir (MEMO) Monday, 21 July 2014, wrote “Bad faith and defeat have underlined their record in Palestine. Israel’s vainglorious Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes them as his friends. In the Gaza Strip, Palestinians denounce them as yesterday’s men who wish to be relevant today. With every victory scored by the resistance it has become ever clearer that there is no future for the Arab Zionists who have thrived on Palestinian misery for generations.”

On 15 July Israel’s Channel Two carried a report of a secret meeting in Paris in late June between Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah ibn Zayd, to discuss how to eradicate Hamas from the Gaza Strip. According to the report, the Saudi and Jordanian foreign ministers were also in Paris at the time, where they met with US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss developments in the Middle East. In the end, it was agreed that Israel would execute the military operation against Hamas while the UAE provided the funds.

The only notable absentees from the Paris meeting were the Egyptians. It appears that their participation was so assured that they required no meeting to persuade them. Moreover, since they are in no position to act independently of their US and Gulf paymasters their presence in the French capital was deemed unnecessary. All that was required from Cairo was that it kept the Rafah crossing closed and coordinated with Israel when the assault began.

Two days after Israel launched its offensive on 7 July, Egypt announced the destruction of 19 tunnels on the border with Gaza. Once the civilian death toll in Gaza began to rise Cairo proposed a “ceasefire initiative” knowing full well that it would be unacceptable to the resistance groups in Gaza, not least because they were neither party to the discussions nor offered guarantees that the blockade of the territory would be lifted. In effect, the Egyptian proposal gave Israel more time to finish the job. The involvement in its preparation of Tony Blair reinforces this view, given that in 2006 as British prime minister he had refused to call for a halt to a similar Israeli attack on Lebanon in the hope that his friends in Tel Aviv would be given enough time to crush Hezbollah.

Gaza has had more than its fair share of Israeli aggression in recent years. However, what distinguishes this latest attack has been the level of regional complicity. The role ascribed to regional governments has varied from active collaboration at one extreme to tacit approval on the other. Egypt’s double-dealing was always crucial. While it drummed up support for its plan, it turned the screws ever tighter on the Rafah crossing, denying entry to European and regional medical teams sent to help the victims of Israeli brutality.

After two weeks of relentless bombing from land, air and sea, it is clear that Netanyahu has bitten off more than he can chew in Gaza. Despite claims that the Israeli ground offensive has started the facts disprove them; Israel’s soldiers still remain holed-up in and behind their tanks and artillery on the borders of Gaza, unable to push more than 300 metres into the enclave. Egypt’s former military chief and now president, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, had apparently given Netanyahu his unreserved support and assurance that the operation would be short and that the Israeli forces would be able to pull out with ease. That has turned out to be a deadly miscalculation.

Faced with a rising number of soldiers killed in action, calls are now being heard in Israel for an inquiry into this latest fiasco. With the capture of a soldier by the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades the pressure on the Israeli prime minister will intensify in coming days. Despite its superior US-supplied hardware, the Israeli army seems reluctant to take on the highly motivated, well-trained and disciplined resistance forces. After staging a series of daring commando raids behind enemy lines they have left the Israelis demoralised and confused. Hence, the feted Israel “Defence” Forces (Motto: “Purity of Arms”) have resorted to indiscriminate attacks on civilians across Gaza.

Even though Israeli spokesmen claim that Hamas is using civilians as pawns, the massacre in Shujaeya demonstrated that the opposite is true. In an attempt to pressure the resistance the Israeli army refused, for several hours, to grant access to the Red Cross to evacuate the dead and injured.
Many have drawn parallels between the 1982 massacre at Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon with the massacre at Shujaeya.

The bloody, mangled bodies are, undoubtedly, similar. Perhaps the only major difference on this occasion is that whereas in 1982 it was the Maronite Christian forces who collaborated with the Israelis, today it is the “Muslim” Arab Zionists. Having planned and collaborated with the enemy to attack the Palestinians when they broke their Ramadan fast, they can only be described as “Muslims”; their real status is becoming clearer.

The systematic massacre of civilians in Gaza over the past two weeks was by no means the work of a strong or “moral” army. It could never have happened without the betrayal of the Palestinians by the Arab Zionists. Even so, this latest aggression is heading toward one result; a humiliating defeat for Israel and its allies. Their fatal error is that they misjudged the nature and capability of the resistance, which has seen the prize of freedom closer than at any other time in this long-running conflict.

The Betraying Arab Leaders

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD in his article titled “The Betraying Arab Leaders” writes How the Oil Exporting Arab Leaders Betrayed the People and Lost the Future?: “It is highly probable that but for the Arabs modern European civilization would never have arisen at all; it is absolutely certain that but for them, it would not have assumed that character which has enabled it to transcend all previous phases of evolution. For although there is not a single aspect of European growth in which the decisive influence of Islamic culture is not traceable, nowhere is it so clear and momentous as in the genesis of that power which constitutes the paramount distinctive force of the modern world and the supreme source of its victory-natural science and the scientific spirit.” Robert Briffault (The Making of Humanity, Cambridge University, UK).

Future is not something that happens out of the nowhere but visionary and proactive thinkers, intellectuals and those responsible and equipped with leadership assets create it to serve the interests of the people. For eight hundred years, the longest period in any known civilizations, the Arab civilization flourished in Al-Andalusia – Spain and enriched the dark-aged European world with knowledge, Renaissance and Industrial Revolution.

The Divine knowledge of Islam spirited the desert born simple Arabs to pursue Islam as a movement of life and to influence the world for the evolution of an Islamic civilization while the Europeans lived in barbarianism, Muslims were the most creative, progressive and successful people on earth. Numerous Christian authors describe the 8th – 16th century Muslims in Al-Andulus (Spain), as most tolerant, knowledgeable and pioneer of scientifically advanced civilization that facilitated European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution.

One factor among the many, distinctively noted by reputable Christian authors is that when they describe the excellence of Muslim civilization and its achievements, it is referred to as “people of the Quranic Generation.” Today, most of the Arab leaders avoid using the concept of the “Quranic Generation” – Muslim Ummah, and prefer to call themselves – an “Arab Ummah” – negating the intellectual magnificence and glorious contributions of the Islamic civilization.

What went wrong with the Arab pioneers of the Islamic civilization across the European continent?

Among many of the reasons, one may cite few important ones:

1.Change in Islamic Thinking: absence of a proactive vision for the humanity as chosen people for the good of humanity.

2.Conscious neglect of the universal mission of Islam and resulting discard of Islamic movement across the globe.

3. Non-conformance to the principles of Islamic movement for change, development and human success.

4.Systematic decadence in intellectual, moral and political leadership.

5. Dismantling of Islamic institutions for the development of One Ummah, and to avoid the role of reasoning and accountability.

6.Increasing adaptability to western thinking, behaviors, educational system and social norms that drained out the Islamic THINKING for unity, creativity and movement.

7. Conspiracy “Fitna” of the transitory economic prosperity – discovery of the oil and aftermath of the oil export revenues being used to propagate “modernity”.

8. Incurable illusions of the neo-colonialist elite that oil revenues are forever their exclusive property.

9. Overwhelming materialism and consumerism negating spiritualism: training of body desperately needed training of Faith (Eman) and a committed mind.

Leadership in Muslim societies is occupied by those who have no educational upbringing or interest in living Islam and lead nobody, mostly seen as being ignorant, corrupt, and subservient to the neo-colonialism and committed to secularism as a system of life. The Western strategic elite justify wars against the Muslim world as dating back to the Crusades. They know through patronage that Muslims have no leader like Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi to challenge the Christian Crusaders and defeat them.

European imperialism viewed Islamic civilization as an unacceptable entity to their goal of global domination and feared Islamic movement as a force with considerable challenge. In scientific discoveries, technology development, educational advancement and political emancipation, European colonial masters drifted the Muslim masses to a subhuman level below the pets. A former Arab and presently Canadian educated journalist contend that Arabs love dog and entitles his recent article “Arabs and dog”.

One wonders is it an accumulated disgust or considered failure of the contemporary Arab leadership? Generation after generation, the Muslims have been defeated and submerged into other entities or punished by the Western masters. So-called liberal democracy had no listing of Muslim as suitable creatures for progressive role-play in international community. Humanity in the West shrinked from intelligence to stupidity, whereas, Charles Darwin (Origin of the Species), was uplifted and honored, man (“Insaan”- human being) was degraded from all the entries of making a human civilization, whereas, Islam focused on man (“insaan”) as the primary aim of comprehensive development.

Pioneers of scientifically progressive civilization, those Arabs and other Muslims became prisoners of foreign ideas – from freedom to human exploitation, all affixed on paper – phenomenon of exalted humanity – Al-Hambra palace to Taj Mahal, all transformed into digits and numbers to become an abstract reference in tourist guide, interpretive history full of material civilization and nothing else. The folly of deliberate aim of the pedagogy to conceal and distort the entire moral and spiritual progressive evolution of the mankind; left to be interpreted in questionable terminology; while arrogance and stupidity rules, true knowledge and divine wisdom live in denials.

Most Western mythologist would prefer silence when their interests and hegemonic goals come into intellectual and political conflicts with the oil producing Arab world. Islam and its followers believe in change as a precept of the faith. Since “Islamic terrorism” phenomenon has emerged as a new data in American dictated global propaganda vocabulary and pre-conceived graphics of the Muslim images, little tangible and constrictive change can be imagined except resulting in clear failure of the Muslim leadership, from intellectual sphere to practically all value oriented domains.

The political language of progress is distortion of reality, supremacy of American technology-based culture, capitalism and ultimate integration of Muslim countries into the fold of American – Zionist dominated economic block. The World Bank and IMF are the true rulers of the global politics. America controls all.

Arab leaders dream normalcy that Saddam Hussein is no longer around them and was hanged by the Americans on video. American first colonial occupation of Iraq pleases the Zionist strategists in short and long terms success: availability of cheap Arab oil, fresh water, access to lands, immediate trade links and political recognition, open body culture of the west, and diminishing role of the Islamic values across the board.

American and specially hired Brits – former PM and currently a candidate for war crimes against humanity, Tony Blair’s war protagonists do believe that it was a real war fought against Saddam Hussein (their former faithful client), and it ended up in American victory and success even though the WMD hoax was a staged drama nothing other than a planned deception and treachery to the collective conscience of humanity that demonstrated strong opposition against the American planned war.

The Western strategic planners have programmed the Arab elite to play a robotic role in real world human affairs. Incomparable to the Western higher standard of living as are the newly erected sky-hi towers, putting-up splendid fantasy towns on earth-filled sea resorts, shopping malls, race tracks and night clubs are the attractions of modern Arabian life, the expos of oil rich economies. For decades, the Arabs leaders have been doing this to please the Masters. Arab leaders curtail political activism in the citizenry and forged national positions in-between when principles of Islamic justice, honor and valor warranted a bold stand.

They love Anglo-Saxon beauty and salute the blond soul and body in totality. Western masters did not train the Arab armies to fight for any public cause. The mission of Arab armies is not the defense of Islam, they are solely meant to guard the palaces, lock up the intellectuals arguing for change and reformation of political governance, and open fire on the agitating masses. The Western materialistic development formula flourishes throughout the Arab oil-exporting culture whereas “Man” (“Insaan”) has been excluded in the planning and development scheme of priorities. The Arab masses painfully strive for intellectual leadership sense of security and futuristic safety and human growth.

What is next in the conflict making and conflicts keeping domain? Nobody can predict in an unpredictable and fearful American dominated militarism era. The Arab culture and civilization is in decay and fast being replaced by the illusion of a modernity, borrowed prosperity of “big thinking” without moral and intellectual substance to live or flourish in the Arab traditional culture. Secularist Arab rulers love Machiavellian image than being conformists to Islamic values.

They live in a self-perpetuated conflict situation only to support America, no matter what happens. American leaders have declared a war against Islam, but not against Muslims. American Intelligence Networks claim all Muslim leaders are friends whereas; they view Islam as an enemy. They believe that Islam belongs to history; only American culture is a living force for prosperity.

To humiliate the already victimized half living bodies of Palestinians, American neo-cons have offered a “roadmap” for peace in Palestine. It is a map that has no road, and illusion of a road that goes nowhere. Arabs leaders have missed many opportunities to show courage and conviction in history and appear fearful to face the mirror, but subscribe to the bandmaster’s tune being played again to appease the American-Israeli interest lobby in Washington.

What futuristic culture would the young Arab generations inherit from the contemporary authoritarian leadership? Nobody wants to care about it while the American run wars are raging across the Muslim world and important celebrities are too busy to THINK! The deprived Arab masses are kept happy with the illusion of fake petro-dollars prosperity and that business is as usual. Not so, realistically if you see the real world, Arab rulers are operating from a position of extreme weakness, not of strength to influence the outcome of political conflicts and particularly the Palestine problem.

They NEED UNITY in their ranks and it does not seem to be forthcoming as nobody is aspiring to think of it. They desperately NEED educated, intelligent and proactive policy makers in global security, peace and conflict management, whereas, they have none and mostly rely on obsolete foreign opinions and experts. The influential Arab rulers are not listening to the VOICES of REASON and educated and innovative proactive visions of intellectual Muslim scholars. For sixty years, they have been a complete failure and not willing to change their thinking outlook. If the future is to be visualized as promising, the current Arabian leaders MUST listen and learn from the educated Muslims. But the Arab leaders continue to live in PALACES, not with PEOPLE.

The West exploits the oil producing Arab nations under varied perceptions and political images. They view Arabs as backward people entangled in tribalism and not up to the value indicators of their standard of modernity. The Arabs got the economic prosperity without working for it. The West knows well that Arabs are often emotional and disunited lacking intellectual foresights and persuasive political activism in global affairs. The contemporary Arab leaders operate from a position of weakness and not of strength in global political arena. Yes, Arabs lack proactive leadership but they are rich in human values, culture and civilization.

What is needed is to straighten out the Western policy makers with moral and intellectual challenge, not to take the Arabs for granted as John Perkins (Confession of an Economic Hitman) describes ‘to milk the cows until sunset.’ If the contemporary Arab leaders wanted to change the direction of their outlook and were good listeners and learners to educated Muslims and intellectuals, they could articulate moral and political challenges to America and Israel, and the political games and outcomes will be different and favorable to the Arabs. American and Israeli politicians do respond to challenges. It is the leadership art to challenge that Arabs failed to perceive in creative politics.

Some of the Arabs leaders celebrate the American military success in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the Middle East but prey at their own people under the disguise of terrorism to dispel any sign of public resentment against the American-British intransigence and aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far an estimated 3 million civilians have been killed in Iraq war and millions of habitats have been destroyed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even the paper-based abstract Arab League and OIC could not dare to name America and Britain as the aggressors in Iraq and Afghanistan; as they describe them “men in uniforms.” They pretend to be moderate. Deception and treachery knows no bound.

Most of the oil producing Arab states are governed by authoritarian rulers who are allied to the Western oil importing nations and in return support these tribal chiefs with arms, ammunition and secret police networks to keep the young Arab new thinking and aspirations for change under strict check of the brutality of the military and secret police operatives.

But people are determined to break the solid barriers of “fear” and cruelty and make ways for change as it is happening in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and other parts of the Middle East. The Western policy planners never imagined that the Arab world and its people could rise against their installed military dictators and ruthless rulers and create a new world of change and people-oriented governance based on the rights and dignity of common citizens. Western politician used to fill the blanks and claim to advance human rights and democracy in the Arab world but they were all lies and political deceptions for convenient business deals and oil trading.

When there was no oil, the Arab people were the most enlightened and peaceful and advanced in knowledge and global co-existence. It is probable that most of the Arab dictators will fall from authoritarian rule and run away taking their stolen wealth to the Western world. The prosperity bubble is fast becoming to an end but the end appears dreadful and disastrous and has ruined all the sectors of the Arab societies.

The armed forces who were supposed to protect and defend the people are actively engaged to destroy their lives, bomb the habitats under false accusations of terrorism against the state, and to keep the military dictators in power. The Western world is watching and waiting to see when would the Arab saga will come to a close chapter so that they could move-in to take over the oil filed and other natural resources much needed for continued industrialization and its operations.

The Arab leaders lacking education and moral and intellectual foresights are interdependent on the European-American political masters and will do, what they are dictated for their own survival. The Arab rulers have not evolved any public institutions, intellectual think-tanks or Islamic system of governance to enhance Islam as a way of life. They view Islam as their enemy.

This is what is commonly shared between the Arab rulers and the Western dominated policies carried out in the Arab Middle East. But if the Arabs wanted to reclaim honor and success, the formula is well defined by the Al-Qura’an: “You are the best people raised for the good of mankind, to invite to the righteousness and forbid evil and you believe in Allah.” If they had practiced it, whether they pumped the God-given oil out of the earth or no oil, they would have been honorable and successful. Imagine, with all the wealth and splendid palaces and borrowed time and space, not one is a leader, not one has the moral and intellectual capacity to play any rational character or can do anything for the good of the Muslims or the Arab culture.

The Arab people once again are being morally and intellectually coming under planned subjugation of the Western ways of thinking, knowledge and system of exploitation and governance. There are too many Western secular educational institutions bombarding the minds and souls of the Arab people day and night. The Arab leaders are happy, people are busy in doing something and there is no herd moving around to disturb their palaces or to question them. The Arab rulers and armies are killing their own people and destroying the traditional ways of life under false pretexts of modernization, linked to oil pumping and nothing else.

Syria, Iraq and Yemen appear to be the reckoning models in this context. The Arabs killing the Arabs, their own life and diminishing human dignity for what purpose – nobody can rationally tell the end purpose, nobody can THINK out of the imposed box of triviality and viciousness. They appear to have lost the power of rational thinking that Islam furnished them for ages and helped to facilitate a new world of honor and success. Was the discovery of the “oil” a “fitna” – a conspiracy to destroy the Arab people, their natural thinking – love for freedom, timeless space and the universe, human dignity and their culture? (HSH)




  1. Israeli General: The ‘moderate’ axis is helping us fight Hamas

    In what represents a confirmation of the conclusions arrived at by Israeli political and security elite, the former head of military intelligence branch Aaron Zaeefi “Farkash” has said that the so-called moderate sunni axis has offered Israel a wide margin of flexibility to pursue the war on Hamas.

    In an interview conducted with him by the Hebrew radio on Wednesday, Zaeefi explained that what is going on can be described as an earthquake whereby Arab states do not hesitate to cooperate with Israel in its war against radical Islamists, as he put it.

    Zaeefi asked: “Who would have believed the day would come when Egypt would defend Israeli interests with such clarity and determination as is happening in the moves aimed at reaching a ceasefire”.

    Farkash considered the clear decline in the drift toward democracy in the Arab world serves Israel interests. He said: “General Sisi simply says ‘I’m not bothered about democracy but my concern is fighting the Islamists who represent a danger to Egypt and its stability’. And this is what other Arab countries adopt too.

    He added: “The Arab moderate states feel they are in the same boat with Israel. They see that there is an unprecedented convergence of interests between them and Tel Aviv, and this is what improves Israeli’s ability to confront Hamas.”

    On the other hand, Zionist commentators have agreed that the most serious accomplishment made by Hamas in the war Israel is waging is represented in compelling world airlines to suspend their flights to Tel Aviv after Hamas military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, succeeded on Monday in shelling an installation within Ben Gourian airport, Israel’s principal airport.

    Chico Manesheh, the political commentator in Israel’s second radio network said on Wednesday morning that there is no dispute that Hamas managed “an important victory in the conscience, when it succeeded in shutting Israel’s airspace in the face of foreign flights”.

    Manesheh added that thousands of Israelis have been cut off since then and are stranded in world capitals because there are no airlines that are willing to fly to Israel. He affirmed that this would increase the pressure on the government of Binyamin Netanyahu to agree to a ceasefire.

    Manesheh noted that what is truly frustrating in the current war that Israel is waging on the Gaza Strip is that Hamas is the one that controls the decision as to whether to cease fire or continue the fighting.

    In another context, Rabi Dove Luoor, the religious Israel for “Jewish Home” party, which is considered the third largest party in the ruling coalition has issued a fatwa (religious edict) permitting the Israeli army to target Palestinian civilians who are not involved in combat.

    Maareef newspaper website mentioned on Wednesday morning that Luoor issued his fatwa in response to international criticism directed at the Israeli army after hundreds of Palestinians civilians, including women, children and elderly men, were killed by Zionist shelling.

    It is worth mentioning that Rabi Luoor did previously issue a fatwa that permitted the poisoning of Palestinian water wells, stealing their olives crops and anointing Baruch Goldstein, the perpetrator of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994, as “a saint and a hero”.

  2. A Zionist Egypt has emerged under Al-Sisi

    by Dr Walaa Ramadan
    (Middle East Monitor, Thursday, 24 July 2014)

    It was once the heart of the Arab world, playing a central role in Middle Eastern politics. The largest Arab country, populated by 86 million people, and with a record of being at the forefront in playing the role of mediator in conflicts within the region, particularly those relating to Palestine. In Egypt today, there is little of the traditional Arab solidarity towards Palestinians to be found; there is, though, the emergence of anti-Hamas, anti-Palestinian sentiments among Egyptians.

    The Gaza Strip, whose almost 2 million people live in less than 360 square kilometres, affects Egypt, but is affected more by the internal affairs of its mighty neighbour. This is primarily due to the fact that Gaza’s leadership, Hamas, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation which was overthrown in Cairo by a bloody coup one year ago.
    Relationship issues

    Whilst struggling under a siege which has been imposed by Israel and Egypt, Gaza is now also being attacked by the world’s fourth largest army, the so-called Israel Defence Forces; Cairo remains silent. Gaza has experienced different relationships with Egypt over the past four years, from absolute hostility, to neutrality, to absolute support. Currently, the besieged land gets no help from the government in Cairo; it gets only unequivocal hostility.

    It was in Cairo in 2008 that Israel’s Tzipi Livni announced the start of “Operation Cast Lead” against Gaza, one year after the siege was put in place, helped by the Mubarak regime.

    When the 25 January Revolution came along in 2011, Mubarak’s regime claimed that it was Hamas which was responsible for killing protesters in Tahrir Square. Following Mubarak’s overthrow, things took a turn for the better under the interim SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) government; the blockade on Gaza was eased, with the Rafah crossing, the only border not controlled by Israel, allowing Palestinian women, children and men aged over 40 to pass into Egypt.

    During SCAF rule, Egypt mediated the deal between Israel and Hamas for the release of Sergeant Gilad Shalit in exchange for the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

    After the first post-revolution elections, Egypt had its first democratically-elected civilian president, Dr Mohamed Morsi, a candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood. He supported Hamas.

    When Israel launched its attack on Gaza in November 2012 – “Operation Pillar of Defence” – Egypt gave Gaza it’s full support. Prime Minister Dr Hisham Qandeel went to visit Gaza during the onslaught. Egypt also managed to broker a ceasefire and truce between the Israelis and Palestinians which ended the offensive.
    Incitement of hatred

    Following the military coup in July 2013, and in the footsteps of Mubarak’s regime, Egypt went back to having a completely hostile attitude towards Gaza, at an unprecedented level. It closed the Rafah crossing once again and destroyed the tunnels which were considered a life-line for the Palestinians in the Strip.

    With the current heinous Israeli military offensive on Gaza which has claimed the lives of over 740 Palestinians to-date, with more than 5,000 injured (the figures are rising by the minute), Egypt is playing the role of spectator and refers to the offensive as an exchange of fire by both sides. Al-Sisi’s government ignores the fact that Israel’s army is attacking a densely populated strip of land whose people possess no army, navy or air force. In the new Egypt, the aggressor and the victim are the same, equating the Palestinian resistance and Israel. This is a position that not even Mubarak took.

    Whilst the children of Gaza are bidding farewell to their childhood and their lives, and homes are obliterated and entire families annihilated, the Arab world is silent. Even Gaza’s closest, once intimate, neighbour; the neighbour that was always looked to for comfort and support, if not from its leaders, then at least from its people, has made no condemnation of Israeli brutality.

    The incitement of hatred in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood since Morsi was elected led to the bloody coup and the largest massacre seen in Egypt against his supporters. This has been redirected over the past year against Hamas on a governmental, military, judicial and media level.

    As a result, Egyptian fervour for the Palestinian cause has subsided. The Egyptian viewer is constantly told that Hamas is a terrorist group; it is the Muslim Brotherhood: “We must not forget that Hamas is the armed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist movement,” Egyptian TV presenter Amany Al-Khayat told viewers.

    “The support for Palestinians has waned dramatically,” said one Egyptian journalist. “The Egyptian silence in the face of Israel’s latest offensive is expected amid an unprecedented and coordinated media smear campaign against Hamas.”
    The emergence of Egyptian Zionists

    The dehumanisation and gloating seen amongst the Egyptian people when peaceful anti-coup protesters were annihilated, is the same now being witnessed towards Gaza, with several television presenters praising and supporting the Israeli military operation against Hamas. Some salute Israel and encourages it to wipe out Hamas and the people of Gaza.

    “Thank you Netanyahu and may God give us more people like you to destroy Hamas!” tweeted Azza Sami of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram. Another Egyptian wrote: “May God make the State of Israel victorious in its war against the terrorist movement Hamas during this holy month of Ramadan.”

    Hamas and the Palestinians are shocked by this reaction to the Israeli military operation. One Hamas spokesman said: “It’s disgraceful to see that some Egyptians are publicly supporting the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip while Westerners are expressing solidarity with the Palestinians and condemning Israel.” Since the Israeli offensive, there has been an immense worldwide public uproar with many countries seeing tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets to condemn the atrocities and call on their governments to put pressure on Israel to stop its crimes.

    This sort of incitement towards Palestinians has never been seen before in Egypt; some of the state mouthpieces go so far as to claim, ridiculously, that what is happening is not a war, but an agreement between Israel and Hamas to embarrass Egypt. According to presenter and staunch mouthpiece of the Al-Sisi regime, Tawfik Okasha, “Hamas has made an agreement with Israeli intelligence and planned for the firing of Hamas rockets into Tel Aviv.” Another, obviously ignorant, TV personality claimed that the people of Gaza were better off under the Israeli occupation than under the Hamas-led government.
    The forgotten child

    In May during his presidential campaign, Al-Sisi said that should any Arab nation be threatened in its national security, then Egypt would be there straight away and that Egypt will “not accept any threat to any Arab country.” Gaza appears to be exempt from this promise. Not only is the onslaught against Gaza taking place with the blessing of the new coup government in Egypt, but it has also been co-ordinating with Israel in Sinai to destroy the tunnels and close the Rafah crossing.

    Wounded Palestinians have been refused entry, and convoys carrying much-needed medical aid have been turned away, strengthening the siege on this open-air prison and putting more pressure on Hamas on behalf of Israel. Atallah Eid, a 24 year old Palestinian who managed to make it through Rafah was among the very few wounded allowed to do so. “I was so happy when I was told that I was going to Egypt to complete my treatment, but what I heard with my ears and saw with my own eyes made me wish I had died in Gaza and never come to Egypt,” he said.

    Another injured Palestinian said that he wants to return to Gaza as soon as possible. “I don’t want to finish the treatment. I wish they didn’t bring me to Egypt… Its image would’ve stayed rosy in my eyes.”
    Mutual enemy

    Israel has not publically admitted its alliance with Egypt over its operation against Gaza. However, Israeli journalist and political analyst Danny Rubenstein, speaking on Al-Jazeera, admitted that there is some kind of understanding between the two countries on the Gaza onslaught agenda and that both have mutual interests in attacking Hamas.

    Operation Protective Edge was the first test for Al-Sisi on foreign affairs since officially taking the presidency, and he has failed miserably. While the attack on neighbouring Gaza was making headlines worldwide, Al-Sisi failed to mention anything in the speech he made to the Egyptians on 10 Ramadan, corresponding to the second day of the onslaught. The Rafah border has remained largely closed in the face of the wounded and injured Palestinians, and not a word of condemnation has been made by the president of the largest country of the Arab world. If Egypt was once known as the “mother of the world”, this mother seems to have disowned its closest child as the killings next door continue unabated.
    Loyalty from behind bars

    In a country where over 1,000 of its own people were massacred in one day – shot, beaten, burnt and gassed – and the perpetrators were praised and saluted, it doesn’t seem so surprising that the same people would allow more massacres to occur in a neighbouring country.

    Without doubt there are still many Egyptians and Arabs who sympathise with Gaza and are outraged. Indeed Egypt has seen many protests under banners proclaiming, “To you we come Gaza!” though they do not receive airtime and the calls for Gaza are drowned by the new Egyptian Zionist voices.

    The Arab world is largely silent, with no condemnation from any leaders, apart from the ousted democratic President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, from his prison cell: “To you we come Gaza! To you we come Gaza! To you we come Gaza!” And he means it.

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