Barak Obama and Zbignev Brzezinski – the NWO puppets of Rothschilds. (Image:antimatrix.org)

Barak Obama and Zbignev Brzezinski – the NWO puppets of Rothschilds. (Image:antimatrix.org)


by Barry K. Grossman*

Western style, representative style democracy has become a D’mockery; a corruption of the ideals once aspired to by people who had grown tired of privilege, vested interests, and the oppressive European Monarchies which manifested these affronts to human dignity. There is a growing sense around the world that the dêmos – which in Greek means “people” – has been removed from the US sponsored version of democracy, leaving only the krátos – which in Greek means “force, power or “rule.”

The once bold American experiment has become a hackneyed cover for clandestine rule by special interests, as anticipated by President John F. Kennedy’s words when he warned of a worldwide: “. . . monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic scientific and political operations.”

There is, of course, much colourful debate about what President Kennedy intended by his speech writer’s prescient words. However, bearing in President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s earlier “Military, Industrial Complex” speech, and considering what we now know about the more recent Neo Con agenda detailed by the notorious foreign policy blueprint published by the “Project For A New American Century” in 2000, it becomes very clear that the broad spectrum warfare currently being advanced by the US security and policy making apparatus simultaneously on multiple fronts certainly fits well within the ominous language used by President Kennedy, even if his intentions did not go that far.

The simple demonstrable fact which America is at last waking up to is that its political apparatus has been occupied by special interests for a very long time and no group is more organized, better resourced or more pernicious than the Zionist lobby. The Whitehouse has been entirely beholding to the Zionist lobby since at the very least Truman’s Presidency.

AIPAC, NWO and Congressmen

brzlam1The lobby’s hold on members of Congress is no less complete. What this means, in practice, is that no member of the US political establishment is willing to diverge in any significant way from the position prescribed on any issue by AIPAC and its corrupt 5th column within the bureaucracy of government. Nobody in the US political apparatus is under any illusion that going it alone is not only very lonely, unrewarding and dangerous, but also political suicide.

Nevertheless we are starting to see a growing political awakening in the USA and around the world which is best understood as a reaction to the dominant Corporatist system being imposed by both stealth and by force in the guise of a New World Order. While this emerging opposition is unorganized, reactionary and for the most part not grounded on a coherent set of ethical imperatives, it is maturing and becoming a potent political force despite the best efforts of the global security apparatus to intimidate, censor, vilify and even criminalize its leading proponents.

In short it is maturing from being driven by adolescent narcissism to righteous indignation. That the establishment has so far failed to halt the progression of this dangerous awakening is a testimony to the myriad enduring truths which tacitly motivate many individuals to embrace it.

“I think there are some politicians in Israel who are men enough and women enough to [broker a peace deal]. I don’t include Prime Minister Netanyahu in that category.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski

We could, of course, resign ourselves to accepting the inevitability of the purely transactional corporatist New World Order being championed by the establishment which dominates all discourse within the western establishment; but letting despair dominate our outlook serves no useful purpose.

The political climate is changing both in America and, to some extent, in Europe. At the same time, there are subtle indications that, despite the strangle hold on politics and the policy making apparatus enjoyed by the establishment, there are insiders who are now speaking publicly in terms which suggest the emergence of growing willingness to challenge the “fifth column” that continues to hold almost complete sway in the corridors of power. We must not be reductionist and imagine that the institutions of government are so monolithic, that there are no insiders who are aware of what has happened and willing to work towards a fundamental realignment of power in order to reshape foreign and domestic US policy.

Of course there are few with whom we are able to agree on all matters of concern and certainly most remain committed to an essentially corporatist system. However, those of us who are looking for change must encourage the marginal progress required before the “big steps” can be taken. We must support foreign policy positions expressed by individuals like Ron Paul even if we are offended by his deeply Libertarian economic views.

We must rally to support statements like those made again in recent days by former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, notwithstanding that he is a senior member of the Council on Foreign relations, a leading NWO advocate and a current advisor to the Obama administration.

When making our assessments, we must be mindful that the US political environment has become so corrupted by special interests that it has become virtually impossible for any President, to say nothing of mere Congressmen, to openly speak out against the political status quo or the policies advanced within it. Indeed, doing so in the prevailing environment is widely considered the equivalent of political suicide.

Netanyahu and false pretext

“I think he [Netanyahu] is making a very serious mistake. When Hamas, in effect, accepted the notion of participation in the Palestinian leadership to seek a peaceful solution from Israel, that was a real option. They should have persisted in that. Instead Netanyahu launched the campaign of defamation against Hamas, seized on the killing of three innocent Israeli kids to immediately charge Hamas without any evidence, and has used that to stir up public opinion in Israel in order to justify his attack on Gaza which is so lethal. I think he is isolation Israel. He’s endangering its longer range future and I think we ought to make it very clear that this is a course of action which we thoroughly disapprove . . . and which may compel us and the rest of the international community to take some steps of legitimizing Palestinian aspirations, perhaps in the U.N.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski

Many of us are painfully aware of the many dark political projects being covertly advanced around the world and the all pervasive influence of the Zionist/Corporate lobbies which sit at the helm of what President Eisenhower referred to as the “Military-Industrial Complex.” The tragic reality is that no Presidential administration is free to introduce wholesale changes to the foundations and carefully designed facade of US foreign policy without facing an orchestrated and merciless backlash that would mean a loss of public confidence.

During the past several weeks the world has again witnessed Israel’s carnage in Gaza and this time around, there can be no reasonable doubt that Israel has committed war crimes by specifically targeting hospitals and medical personnel, civilian men, women and children, as well as essential civilian infrastructure. There is overwhelming evidence of Israel using chemical weapons, gas, white phosphorous and Dense Inert Metal Explosives against a dense urban civilian population who through a longstanding blockade, are held hostage by the occupation forces. The global disgust galvanised this carnage is quickly changing the political landscape.

Barring exceptional circumstances, Presidents have little ability to introduce anything more than marginal change. However, Israel has now unilaterally imposed exceptional circumstances on us all and there are subtle indications of some willingness by the Obama administration to consider advancing a basic realignment of its position in the Middle East with fundamental changes in its policies towards both Israel and Iran.

Canvassing these subtle indications would exceed the scope of this editorial. Suffice it to say that the remarks made last week by Mr. Brzezinski alone suggest that a frustrated Obama administration may well be saying through his agency, that which the President and his Secretary of State could never say themselves.

In a series of timely interviews last week, Mr. Brzezinski did not mince his words in condemning Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and in standing out as the voice of reason in the ongoing discourse about Iran’s nuclear program.

Sending a clear message to Israel

brzezinsk-obamaSurely it is no coincidence that Mr. Brzezinski is very active right now, having done interviews in recent days with MSNBC, CNN and Foreign Policy Magazine in which he “rounded” on Mr Netanyahu and ridiculed the aggressive position taken by hawks towards Iran.

Whatever we might think of him, Mr. Brzezinski not some media stringer or 3rd rate pundit. We have to assume that as a former national Security Advisor, current advisor to the Obama administration, and a senior member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he has chosen his words very carefully and that, indeed, they have probably been vetted by senior elements within the Obama administration. There is every reason to assume that his recent statements are being made by design with the intention of sending a clear message to Israel and the 5th column that has come to dominate the US political establishment.

Mr. Brzezinski repeatedly said that Mr. Netanyahu is making a serious mistake with his policy of hostility towards Hamas and, by implication, with his “lethal” war on Gaza. His remarks and how he chose to express them are extremely significant. He berated Netanyahu in the strongest possible terms for not embracing the willingness shown by Hamas to work for a peaceful, political solution by becoming part of a unity government.

During is his “media” outings last week, Mr. Brzezinski minced no words and, referring to Israel’s unprovoked war on Gaza, repeatedly said that: “the issue is larger than just Gaza; the issue is peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” He openly rebuked Mr. Netanyahu using unprecedented language by stating that previous efforts by the US to broker a peace deal have been “scuttled” by him and by going so far as to say that “Mr. Netanyahu” (declining to refer to him as Prime Minister) is not “man enough” to broker a peace agreement.

If that is not enough, in one short burst he accused Mr. Netanyahu of “launching a campaign of defamation against Hamas, seizing on the killing of three innocent Israeli kids to immediately charge Hamas without any evidence, and using that to stir up public opinion in Israel in order to justify this attack on Gaza which is so lethal.”

Referring again to Mr. Netanyahu, Brzezinski said: “I think he is isolating Israel” and “endangering its longer-range future.” He closed his unprecedented attack on the Israeli Hawks by threatening that “. . . the international community, including the US, might have to pursue steps to legitimize Palestine” through the United Nations.

The substance and timing of Mr. Brzezinski remarks are a very significant development and suggest the possibility of an impending change in foreign policy by the Obama administration. Unlike other analysts who, in the current circumstances, have ventured some criticism of Israel’s war on Gaza and decried the targeting of civilians, he went much further by openly expressing support for Hamas and by ridiculing Mr. Netanyahu’s “serious mistake” in not engaging Hamas after it signalled its willingness to participate in a political process which aims to achieve a peaceful solution to the Palestine problem.

“Destroying Hamas would only lead to something more dangerous taking its place”

He criticized Netanyahu for instead trying to eliminate Hamas at a grass roots level by waging a devastating war against Gaza and its civilian hostage population. No other apex insider has dared to express such support for Hamas, although echoing Mr. Brzezinski’s sentiments, the outgoing head of the US Defence Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn, also said recently: “Destroying Hamas would only lead to something more dangerous taking its place.”

The only real and present nuclear danger comes from Israel

Mr. Brzezinski’s remarks were equally scathing towards Israel on the subject of the continuing Israel inspired project to provoke armed conflict with Iran over what, on any reasonable view, is in fact Iran’s unassailable right to pursue a peaceful nuclear program, as guaranteed Iran’s status as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

In this regard, Brzezinski was quoted last week by Foreign Policy Magazine as saying: “The notion that’s been publicized in America that there could be a crazy Iranian rush to have the bomb in nine months is, to me, meaningless. The fact of the matter is Israel has an effective nuclear monopoly in the region, and it will have that for a long time. And one thing that the Iranians are certain not to do is to undertake some suicidal mission the moment they have one bomb.”

His outburst will of course come as something of a shock to the walking dead in America who have been programmed by a tightly controlled corporate media to fear an imminent nuclear attack by Iran. However, in reality, Mr. Brzezinski has only said publically that which the entire US security has long said privately under the cover of “National Security.”

Despite the rhetoric bandied about by the Corporate Press and by sullied political hit men like the controversial Democrat Senator Robert “Bob” Menendez and Republican Senators Rand Paul and John McVain, the indisputable fact is that all 16 agencies comprising the US National Security apparatus have said each year starting in 2007, that by no later than 2003 Iran had ended all “nuclear weapon design and weaponization work” which it may once have pursued, and added that there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran is trying to develop a military nuclear capacity.

All 16 agencies, including the CIA, have said that Iran’s political decision making apparatus has not decided to develop any such capacity and that should Iran decide at some point to “breakout,” it would take several years before even a single nuclear warhead and delivery vehicle could be developed. The expressed consensus is that any such “breakout” would be detected long before a nuclear warhead could be produced.

Mr. Brzezinski rounded out his unprecedented comments to “Foreign Policy Magazine” by doing that which no US politician has ever been willing to do; that is, he expressly stated that the only real and present nuclear danger in the region is in fact Israel, which he specifically said has a nuclear arsenal comprising hundreds of war heads.

Without wanting to put it too highly, these and many other comments made recently by establishment insiders are subtle indications that there individuals within the Obama administration who are looking to fundamentally change US policy towards Israel and Iran but require public opinion to catch up with them and pave the way for such a realignment. It has never been more important for right thinking Americans to let their feelings on this issue be known, preferably en masse. After all, unfortunately in Washington it’s all about numbers. (HSH)











The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of GLOBAL JIHAD FOR PEACE!

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